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Your Ticket to Giant Pike

Larry Dahlberg has been chasing pike for a lifetime. He has now compiled years of dedicated pursuit into a new how-to DVD. You can learn by watching it happen, because this DVD is chocked full of intense action shots and instructional tips.

Not your normal boring self-improvement video, but one that will get you fired up to go chase big northerns for yourself.

Larry shares insights gained in a lifetime of angling and chasing big pike in the northern reaches of Canada, Alaska, Finland and even Kasakstan, in the former USSR.

With footage gathered over a span of 20 years including early pioneering tactics and strategies, Larry explains and demonstrates his unique approach to finding and catching exceptionally large pike on both conventional and fly equipment during various seasons and conditions.

It’s packed with info, some blatant and some subtle, that can make the difference between having a “one that got away story” or showing your buddies the photo of your personal best pike.

One thing is for sure, the sheer size of the fish and live action strikes will have any pike angler drooling!

Included is a special bonus section on making soft plastic lures for pike.

Check this out and more on Larry Dahlberg’s “Hunt For Big Fish” site.