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Yo-Zuri Topwater Poppers – Built For The Big Ones

topwater poppers
Photo Credit: Erik Landesfeind

Saltwater anglers of all walks are growing extremely fond of watching the explosive, heart-stopping topwater strikes that are elicited by the commotion created by modern topwater poppers.  The crew at Yo-Zuri loves that adrenaline-dump too and they have 50 years of fishing tackle development to back them up.  No matter what species you target, the lures and hardware have to be bulletproof to withstand the punishment of aggressive big game fish.

SoCal anglers have been riding the high of a three-year fishing streak that the region hasn’t experienced in 100 years of fishing.  While the species and reasons vary, the fishing seasons have been off the charts.  The last two seasons have been full of big bluefin tuna and this year they have regularly been well over the 200-pound range with many over 300-pounds.  That is unheard of in these waters and has created a wave of angling interest, re-gearing and tackle buying binges.

Topwater poppers have been a big part of the must have list.

topwater poppers
Photo Credit: Erik Landesfeind

“Foamers” as schools of surface feeding tuna are lovingly called have been common and getting bites on big topwater plugs is the pinnacle of fishing fun!  Reaching out to the school long before the sound of the boat risks making them sound is the key.  Yo-Zuri has answered the call with their long-casting, super-sturdy line of topwater lures.

topwater poppersTake a growing local favorite, the Yo-Zuri Bull Pop.  Newly redesigned and ready for the sudden inhalation of big tuna.  The Bull Popper comes in two sizes; 6 and 8-inch versions.  The heavy concave face creates huge, fish attracting boils and bubbles when worked fast or slow with a heavy snap of the wrist.  The lures offer stainless steel wire-thru construction and 3X strong treble hooks and 3X split rings.  Extra large eyes and Yo-Zuri’s Color Change Technology will get a giant’s attention despite the bubble field these lures can create.

Yo-Zuri Topwater Poppers Feature

  • Proprietary “Power Body”
  • Stainless Steel Wire-Thru Construction
  • 3X Strong Treble Hooks, 3X Strong Split Rings
  • Extra Large Eyes
  • Color Change Technology

topwater poppersSpeaking of color, anglers have a huge selection of fish-catching colors to match any hatch and it’s always good to have a variety of contrasting colors to try during different fishing conditions.

Everyone has a favorite, go-to color and Yo-Zuri takes pride in their durable, high-end finishes.

topwater poppers

Topwater Fishing Tip

Here’s a little trick that will give all lures the maximum action for the most enticing movements possible.  Using a loop-knot like the Homer Roads for example, will allow the motion of the lure to fully reach its potential.  Tying a leader directly with a “tight” knot will work of course, but the increased freedom to wiggle will payoff time and time again.  So many times, tuna will amaze anglers with their incredibly keen eyesight and the ability to charge a lure only to bail out at the final moments.  This is also where Yo-Zuri’s TopKnot H.D. Carbon comes in to give you an edge in the visibility department.  Give the loop knot a try.  Pick one that is easy to tie and then bench test it to gain confidence in it.

topwater poppersAnother great topwater option and slightly subtler is the Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser Floating lure.  These lures can walk-the-dog, stop and pop, or skip across the surface with a fast retrieve.  The weight balance is designed for long casting distances that are so crucial to reaching the fish where they are blasting baitfish on the surface.  The Surface Cruiser is offered in both a 6 and 7.5-inch model and all share the same heavy-duty hardware as the Bull Pop.

topwater poppersFishermen who need a quality popper, but in a slightly smaller version, find the Yo-Zuri Hydro Popper to be just right.  Available in 3.5 and 4.75-inch models, the Hydro Popper has a flared concave face for maximum churn and fish attracting commotion.  Recently re-vamped, the Hydro Popper is now made of durable ABS Resin and all the heavy-duty hardware to match.  Also offered in 8 popular fish-catching colors, the Hydro Popper is a must have for both offshore and inshore fishermen.

topwater poppersYou can check out these and many more top-notch lures on the Yo-Zuri websiteClick HERE to find a dealer near you and stock up on topwater poppers.

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