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Yo-Zuri SuperBraid Offers All The Benefits Of Quality Braids

Yo-Zuri, known for its prominence in the lure market of both fresh and salt water has more to offer anglers who appreciate quality products built with today’s highly technical standards.

Yo-Zuri offers a wide selection of lines and leader which include monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided lines.

“I had the pleasure of fishing Yo-Zuri SuperBraid at an event in Stuart, Florida this year” said Capt. Scott Goodwin.  “We fished the blue line while fishing for snook and other inshore species.  It fished well as far as resisting wind knots and it held up to the heavy pressures of snook fishing around encrusted bridge and dock pilings.  We had to put the heat to some of them to get them out of hangouts and the SuperBraid performed really well.

Of course, the small diameter and castability of braided lines also make it the perfect choice for the incredible popper fishery taking place for SoCal anglers the last few seasons.  The small diameter of SuperBraid increases a reel’s capacity and lets you sling a popper a country mile.”

Yo Zuri Superbraid
Photo Credit: Pat Ford

Capt. Scott continued, “Speaking of having to pull hard, we also did some bottom fishing offshore for grouper and snapper.  Pulling hard is the name of the game and the SuperBraid with its low-stretch ability is the tool for the job.”

Yo Zuri SuperbraidYo-Zuri SuperBraid is offer in several colors to match your fishing situation.  First was SuperBraid Blue, designed to be visible to anglers on top of the water and ideal for clear-water situations in saltwater and freshwater.

Then came SuperBraid Dark Green which blends into more turbid conditions of river systems and many coastal waters around the world.

Both colors of SuperBraid are offered in the range of 10# to 40# (4-strand) and 50# to 80# (8-strand).  They add a specialty coating to the line to give it maximum abrasion resistance.  Of course, it offers the benefit of having extremely limited stretch and durability as well.

Yo-Zuri SuperBraid is offered in 150, 300- and 3000-yard spools so you can fill up all of your reels and have them ready to do battle.  The 3000-yard spools are offered in blue or white colors, which have the benefit of good visibility when used as backing for fighting big fish. The 3000-yard spools range from 20# to 80# test.

Check out the Yo-Zuri website to find a dealer near you or learn more about Yo-Zuri products on BD.