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Yo-Zuri Hydro Series Hardbaits Get The Job Done

hydroI’ve developed a bit of a hardbait fishing addiction over the last couple years so I was more than happy to say yes when my editor asked if I’d like to review some new Yo-Zuri Hydro Series baits. A few days later I received a box in the mail containing the baits, one of which I was pleased to see that I’d already been using for months. Included where the Hydro Minnow in 150 and 170 size, the Hydro Pencil (a bait I’d been using and loving) and the 120 size Hydro Popper.

My fishing partner, Matt Kotch, and I had a trip planned for San Clemente that weekend so I figured I’d be able to give the Hydro Minnow a test drive. On our way to the island we found a kelp paddy that was holding some dorado and before I got a chance to try my new lure, Matt had snatched the rod the Green Mackerel 170 size was rigged on and a couple casts later was doing battle with this dorado.

yozuri hydro lures

By the time we’d arrived at the west end of Clemente, Matt had already begun referring to it as “his” new lure and refused to relinquish the rod once we’d again stopped to fish. The area we were fishing had enough current to pull the kelp down several feet below the surface. This set up perfectly for the bait which runs a couple feet down because he was able to fish it without snagging the kelp. The fish were keyed in on small bait fish but were readily biting the big lure.

hydro luresWhile Matt got the big bites on the 170 size, I fished the Sardine 150 size and caught numbers but no big ones. I then switched to walking the dog with the Black Silver Hydro Pencil and got enough dramatic blowouts on it that I’d wished I had my GoPro running. We probably caught 100 plus fish on the baits that day and other than some hook rash along the sides of the baits, they looked good as new once we racked our rods at the end of the trip.

hydro yo-zuriI headed out again the following Sunday with my buddy Jimmy Decker, planning to look around offshore and then run to Catalina to shoot a video showing how to fish the Hydro Minnow. The big bluefin got in the way of that and this was the last we saw of Matt’s new lure. My review? Any lure that gets bit by everything from one pound calico bass to 200-pound bluefin tuna is worthy of a positive review.

Rather than bore you with a bunch of tackle specifications and written angling instructions, I made this video showing how, where and with what to fish these Yo-Zuri Hydro Series lures.

Visit the Yo-Zuri website to check out these awesome lures or get more about Yo-Zuri on BD.

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Erik Landesfeind is BD's Southern California Editor and has over 30 years of experience saltwater fishing for a range of species in both California and Mexican waters. Erik is also an active freelance writer and the author of the weekly column So Cal Scene, which BD publishes every Friday. In So Cal Scene, Erik keeps all of the BD readers up to date on what's biting in Southern California. Erik divides his fishing time on local boats, long-range trips and Mexico excursions. For the past eight years, Erik has been competing in the SWBA (Saltwater Bass Anglers) tournament series and has multiple tournament victories to his credit. His sponsors include Batson Enterprises / Rainshadow Rods, Robalo Boats, Tilly's Marine, Abu/Garcia, Penn Reels, Navionics, Raymarine, MC Swimbaits, Uni-Butter Fishing Scent and Bladerunner Tackle.