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Yamaha Marine Expands V MAX SHO® Family With 90-Horsepower Four-Stroke Outboard

yamaha outboard“The new V MAX SHO 90 is the perfect power solution for boaters looking to replace an older two-stroke 90-horsepower outboard with the clean, quiet efficiency of a four-stroke,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha Marine Group. “It’s also a great choice for inshore and multi-species boats.”

Yamaha’s V MAX SHO 90 leads the 90-horsepower class in torque and top speed. A single overhead camshaft drives four valves per cylinder, delivering more power from less weight.

Not only is the V MAX SHO 90 the fastest in its class, it’s also quiet, which means better fishing experiences. And with Yamaha propellers featuring the exclusive Shift Dampener System™ (SDS™), such as the Talon® SS4™ SDS propeller, it’s even quieter.

For more convenience and control, the V MAX SHO 90 is compatible with Yamaha’s variable trolling RPM switch (VTS™) for slow trolling and again, better fishing. It is also Y-COP® compatible for increased theft protection.

Features of Yamaha Marine V MAX SHO 90

  • Only 353 pounds
  • Available in 20” or 25” shafts
  • Powerful 35-amp alternator
  • Optional Variable Trolling RPM via the Command Link tachometer or our new, helm-mounted remote VTS® Switch

Because it is a four-stroke, Yamaha’s V MAX SHO 90 does not need an oil tank, which means more space for storage or batteries. In addition, the all-new V MAX SHO 90 can be rigged for use with Yamaha’s award-winning multifunction tiller handle. Other features include a full 35 amps of alternator power and a long-span mounting system for less vibration.

The new Yamaha V MAX SHO 90 will be on display to the public for the first time during the 2018 Chicago and Minneapolis Boat Shows.