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Winn Grip Overwrap Has Many Uses On Your Boat

Winn Grip Overwrap uses

Winn Grip Overwrap Boat

It’s been a few months since I first installed Winn Grip Overwrap on some of my fishing rod handles and the product has proved durable enough that I decided to install it on some other things around my boat. If you missed my original article about the product you can read it here. My biggest concern about the wrap was that it would eventually become slippery but after dozens of days of fishing, sometimes with very dirty hands, the grips are still clean and as tacky feeling as the day I installed them.

Winn Grip Overwrap usesAfter spending a few minutes looking around the boat, it was easy to identify a couple of items that could benefit from a tackier grip.

The number one item was my ten year old landing net. While the net is still in good working order the EVA handle has seen better days and gets very slippery when wet. The lower handle is that of my AFTCO gaff. While the seine cord handle has plenty of grip, the handle diameter is a little small for my hands to effectively use for hopefully some heavy lifting of big fish.

For both of these handles I chose the Winn Contour Grip. This Winn Grip Overwrap has a ridge that runs in the middle of it and offers extra grip which will help when lifting fish with either the net or gaff. A 96-inch roll has plenty of length to take care of either handle but not long enough for both so I picked up one roll for each project.

This video shows how to install Winn Grip Overwrap on a fishing rod but it works the same regardless of what you’re wrapping. The actual wrapping tutorial starts at the 2:30 mark if you’re impatient like I am.

Winn Grip Overwrap uses - Winn Grip Overwrap BoatThis is the finished product and both handles are much more to my liking now that they are wrapped. It’s hard to explain just how well this wrap works without having you actually feel it with your own hands, so I highly recommend picking up a roll and trying it out.

Winn Grip Overwrap uses - Winn Grip Overwrap BoatThe grab rail is another spot on my boat that just screamed for some Winn Grips Contour Overwrap. If you’ve spent any time fishing on a center console you know how miserable it can be to try and hang onto the grab rail during long runs. During the winter it can be freezing cold and when it gets wet its slippery enough to make it tough to hold onto. One 96-inch roll across the top of the grab rail and another roll split across the uprights and the rail is much more grabber friendly.

For more information or to find a local dealer, visit the Winn Grips website.

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