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Wind Wind Go Away

1 of 3 cows caught on the Aztec the week before Thanksgiving

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, we had a Santa Ana wind condition that contributed to ideal conditions on the water for successful bluefin fishing at Cortes Bank.

At the same time, the fish were finally biting bait and biting a reasonable line class, affording anglers what I said at the time might have been the best opportunity for catching these fish all year.  I urged you all to get out while the getting was good.

Then the wind hit…

Some boats have gotten out here and there, but many have cancelled their trips recently.  I feel fortunate to have gotten out last week before the wind hit.

On top of my Ling-a-palooza trip getting cancelled last weekend, I was planning to fish local this Wednesday on the Native Sun to celebrate a buddy’s birthday.  The forecast looked lousy though, so we stayed on land.  I ended up shore pounding for halibut, but skunked.

Just a couple notable exceptions this last week…

The New Lo-An managed to get out on a 3-day trip last week.  Capt. Adam Williams put his 22 anglers on 84 bluefin before returning to Point Loma safely.  Adam said it was about 50/50 smallish (20-30-pound class) to that medium grade 40-80-pound size of bluefin (left).

I did check the count for the trip I was planning to ride on Wednesday.  They ended up getting limits of bonito, so like I’ve said before, when in doubt, fish local.

Speaking of local, Dana Wharf’s halibut drift trip last Sunday was a good one.  They got six legals, with a big that weighed in just shy of 23-pounds!  The big fish was good enough to land angler Robert Prei (2nd from left below) at #2 on the current Halibut Derby leader board.

windHopefully, conditions will settle back out and some good things will happen this week.

Good luck if you get out there.  Remember, Safety First!