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When In Doubt, Go Local

David Lee aboard the Native Sun

Local Fishing Spots

I have a couple buddies looking to get out this weekend, and they posed this question to me…

Do you think the yellowfin will still bite this weekend?

If you follow along every day like I do, you know that the yellowfin bit really well this week.  So if you were just to look at the counts, it would be a no brainer.

Liberty on Wednesday

Several boats fishing the Full Day or Overnight length trips this week were into limits style fishing on them.  Another cool thing to see this week was the emergence of some yellowtail and dorado mixed in with the strong yellowfin/skipjack bite.

That said, I did mention in last week’s article that, “One good storm and they could disappear for good this year.”

Hurricane Sergio was downgraded to a tropical storm as it hit mainland Mexico today.  San Diego offshore is expected to see some remnants of the storm in the form of rain with a chance of thunderstorms this weekend.  Conditions on the water actually don’t look so bad in the forecast.  However, I think things could go one of two ways this weekend.  The storm could push up some warm water and more fish.  The forecast could deter a lot of private boaters and it just might be epic this weekend.  OR it’s a little choppy and harder to find kelps, and the fish are lockjawed when they do get found.  If you’re already locked and loaded, I wouldn’t cancel.  However, I’d rather see how things go and give it a try midweek next week if you can swing it.

But what if you just need to get out this weekend?

The Long Beach/Pedro/Newport boats got into some good yellowtail fishing this week, especially on the 3/4.  On Monday, the City of Long Beach got a couple, and followed that up on Tuesday with 30 on their 10-4 ride.  Tuesday the Native Sun was on a rent rod charter, but reported seeing them.  I was going to ride on Wednesday, but didn’t.  Woulda coulda shoulda.  Capt. Jeff Walker found them and they got 30 for 11 anglers.  Best part about it, they ate the surface iron.  That’s my buddy David Lee (top), the cook on the boat, who got 4 of 5 on the jig.  The good times continued yesterday and there has also been really good bonita fishing in addition to the yellows.

local fishing spots
Crewmember Eric Ullman holds a surprise seabass caught on a strip of squid

Elsewhere, there hasn’t been the same sort of consistent bite, but there were some nice local surprises that showed up in the counts this week.  The New Del Mar out of Marina Del Rey got a seabass last Saturday (below) and a yellow on Wednesday.  The Dolphin out of Fisherman’s got another surprise seabass on Tuesday.  And the Cobra out of Channel Islands got two seabass on Wednesday!

As much as I love to go on overnight and longer rides, it’s nice to be home for dinner and sleep in your own bed too.  Going local lets you do that while offering opportunities at quality game fish right now.

Good luck if you get out there.

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