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Weego Portable Power

Weego Portable Power

Most outdoorsmen have had to deal with a dead battery at some point, and depending on your location, the event can range from a hassle to an emergency. Picture you sitting on the anchor listening to tunes, the bait tank running and the many various accessories that we consider a necessity.

Now the sky is turning dark and a storm is brewing so you hit the key only to get a sickening click, click, click.

Weego PortableNo worries, you have a Weego Portable Power device and in just a few minutes you jump-start your boat from a device no bigger than your phone.

Weego Portable

Speaking of phones, doesn’t it always seem to be running out of power at the worst possible time? Is there a good time for it to die? Well the same Weego has adapters to charge your phone, tablet, or any other device to put you back in touch with the world.

Weego Portable

I saw the Weego at its introduction to the boating/fishing world at the Miami Boat Show and was amazed that so much power could come in such a small package. Well designed and thoroughly tested for dependability and safety, the Weego is standing by to save the day.

The Weego is available in several sizes and can even start heavy-duty gas engines up to 6.4L or diesel engines up to 3.2L. The Weego will last for up to a thousand full charging cycles and during storage, the Weego only loses 2% charge per month. Each comes with a built in flashlight and the two larger models include a strobe and SOS light.

I cannot think of a better gift for everyone in your household.

It could keep you or your family from being stranded in a dark parking lot for hours, or get your boat going and avoid a long costly tow home in your boat or any other recreational toy you may have. The uses are endless, but the affordability will shock you (no pun intended). The jump-start models retail from 110 dollars for the standard Weego to 200 dollars for the Professional model. As of this writing, they are actually on sale, so check it out quick if you see the benefits like I do.

To me, this is a must have item for home and outdoor use. Simple to use, safe and economical, there is no reason not to have one for each car or boat in the household. Small enough to fit in a purse, glove box or ditch bag, you can find so many uses for the Weego Portable Power packs.

The Weego charges a wide range of devices and engines and is very well thought out. An Auto-off feature keeps you from the heartbreak of leaving it on and running the Weego down while in storage. Made with durable hardware and components, the Weego is backed by an 18-month warranty and features the full online support for the products if you have questions.

Weego also offers a series of Rechargeable Battery Packs that will charge your phones, pads, tablets and more. Never have that panic of a dying battery again with a Weego Battery Pack.

So don’t wait for a special occasion, just get a Weego now and enjoy the peace of mind of having plenty of power in your pocket.