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Water Wolf Underwater Camera

Water Wolf HD Underwater Camera

It the world of evolving technology and gadgets, it is exciting when the next great invention can be used in your sport. This is the case for fishermen who have always wanted to see what is going on down there.

The new Water Wolf HD camera is high tech and small enough to tow in-line in front of your bait.

It is very stable and can be trolled or cast so that you can capture the moment of the strike, check the action of your lures, or just see what’s swimming around.

water wolf hd

The Water Wolf is waterproof to 300-feet deep and it records in high-resolution color 1280×720 video at 30 frames per second. The battery will last for four hours, which is enough to fill an entire 16gb Micro SD card. The Water Wolf will accept 2 to 32gb Micro SD cards that are not included.

water wolf hd package

The Water Wolf comes with adjustable brass keel weights for fine-tuning the running angle depending on what action you want to film. It also includes a float system that will position the camera vertically to film the action below. The video quality is dependent on water conditions and available light. So the cleaner the water, the further the Water Wolf can see to record.