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Watch the First Episode of Local Knowledge Here

Local Knowledge is On Line All the Time

The new Local Knowledge TV show debuted on January 17th, and can be seen every Sunday morning at 7AM EST on the Destination America Channel or watch it online anytime.

fishing showPlease enjoy the the newest fishing show featuring Captain Ali Hussainy and Captain Rush Maltz.  Local Knowledge is a fresh take on outdoor TV and the best part is you don’t have to get up early to see it.

You can watch it anytime on Vimeo or download it to watch whenever you want on your favorite device.

In the world of fishing, the key ingredient for success is local knowledge. Local Knowledge will explore the culture of fishing itself as it follows two real life characters that spend their time mastering the art fishing and the outdoors.

keys fishingThe hosts of the show, Ali and Rush, come from opposite sides of the country and each is dialed into the methods of their home waters, but as they find themselves in new territory, they encounter new challenges.

Join them on Sunday mornings on the Destination America Channel at 7 am EST.

ali spinningShare in the adventure and learn some tips that might apply to your fishing style at home. This is not a traditional fishing show, but a fun exploration of the world of fishing abroad and at home.

Find your Cable Channel on Destination America Here or download from a variety of sources to view on your chosen device whenever it is convenient for you.

 A huge thanks to our partners who make Local Knowledge possible.  We loved their products long before the show, so check them out and see for yourself.