How-to: Filet a Cabrilla (Leopard Grouper)

As San Diego based anglers, one of our favorite things to do is pack up some gear and head South into Baja. Being in such close proximity to some truly world-class fishing is something that we don’t take lightly, and each trip to Baja is something we are truly thankful for. One of the species of fish that we don’t have the opportunity to fish in our local waters, but absolutely love to target below the border, is the Leopard Grouper, commonly known as the Cabrilla.

Fishing Cabrilla in skinny water is one of the most thrilling experiences and angler could have. They have extreme pulling power and their strikes are all time. While we end up releasing a majority of the Cabrilla we catch, each trip we’ll take home a select few because they are insanely delicious. In this video BD Outdoors Pro Contributor Mike Murciano demonstrates how he likes to break down Cabrilla using the Dexter Outdoors Dextreme 7 inch filet knife. This knife is a great option for filleting those fish with thick skin or tough scales, as it allows you to keep your fillet edge sharp by providing a second serrated edge to cut through portions of the fish that would otherwise dull your knife.

About Dexter Outdoors

At Dexter Outdoors we know fishing, with over 200 years of experience making the world’s highest quality fishing knives. We know the passion, the hard work and dedication it takes to master this sport. Our company of 250 employees have the same dedication and passion for designing and manufacturing the highest quality knives so you can have the best fillets possible.

Dexter Outdoors products have been manufactured in Southbridge Massachusetts since 1818. Our committed employees work every day to produce our products with the best efficiencies, low waste and processes that are environmentally responsible. With this many years of experience, we offer you the latest in design, quality, and performance backed by a lifetime warranty.  

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