A ‘Do it Your Way kinda’ place in Baja Sur

Regardless of the manner of travel – by air, road or water – most Baja visitors seek similar perks –A spot overlooking the water with easy access to the Sea of Cortez, good fishing, comfortable accommodations, camping, RV facilities, boat launching and storage, plus a variety of stores and restaurants nearby, and of course, internet access. Last but not least, it must have easy access and not be located in any of the larger tourist centers like Los Cabos or La Paz. It almost seems like an impossible list of requirements for anyplace to be able to deliver on.

Let me introduce you to Martin Verdugo’s, nestled on the beach in Los Barriles in the heart of East Cape overlooking the expansive Sea of Cortez. You will find this unique resort satisfies all of the above – offering something for everyone. It has comfortable air-conditioned rooms – some with refrigerators and kitchenettes – pool, palapa bar, small restaurant, a small RV park, and even some tent camping spots.

Family-operated, the entire Verdugo family speaks fluent English. They proudly cater to fishermen, wind surfers, divers, and travelers just looking for a nice place to relax. Plus, they offer fishing trips on their own fishing fleet of 28-foot super cruisers or super pangas right in front of the resort.

Baja California’s East Cape – also known as Las Palmas Bay – includes the villages of Buena Vista, Los Barriles and La Ribera. Although it is less than an hour’s drive from the Los Cabos airport, it has managed to retain much of the kick-back charm that has made Baja popular.

Los Barriles, population 5,000, is the heart of East Cape. Nestled along the shoreline of the Sea of Cortez, the venue offers a myriad of activities to suit the tastes of the visitors seeking more than just another Baja fishing spot. Verdugo’s sits in a premier location in the center of the beach area in Los Barriles. This charming Hotel/RV Park has served many Baja veterans as a launching pad for their eventual permanent residence in Los Barriles.

The Verdugo family has deservedly earned the title of East Cape headquarters for beach launching of car top and trailer boats, even providing the heavy-duty equipment, if required, for larger trailer boats. It’s easy to understand why this quiet, comfortable, very secure, family-style place, unique in Baja, is the favorite of many.

Whether traveling alone, with a few buddies or for a family vacation, Verdugo’s has plenty to offer and satisfies a variety of tastes: fishing, kayaking, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, whale watching, horseback riding and some spectacular back-country tours available on rented ATVs.

It is user-friendly, off the beaten track with plenty of room for exploring and meandering, and depending on your comfort level, you can do the East Cape on your own or with a guide

“I enjoy the international flavor of our guests,” commented Marisol Verdugo, Manager.

“Often, we have guests from Europe or Canada camping alongside our American friends with RVs joined by Mexican families seeking a few days away from the busy city life in La Paz or Los Cabos.”

The surrounding area offers several smaller remote villages, some hundreds of years old, where local craftsmen create items ranging from furniture, intricate woodcarvings, handmade hammocks, elaborate blown glass items, clothing and more. These are sold at bargain prices compared to what the same items might cost in Los Cabos or La Paz.

Deserted stretches of beaches framed by the Sea of Cortez on one side and rugged foothills on the other stretching from Punta Pescadero to Cabo Pulmo, are just begging to be explored by those searching for a trophy fish that may be easily spotted swimming in the shallow water searching for food; beachcombing for shells, or perhaps just kicking back and enjoying the quiet of a lonely beach where the only sounds are the birds and soft sounds of the waters of the Sea of Cortez lapping along the shore.

Go inland on ATVs to explore the arroyos (dry river beds) or foothills with ample wildlife and unusual birdlife to entertain the family. Find the hidden spas and areas where tourists rarely wander.

“Can’t-get-enough-of-it-anglers” flock to East Cape for the fishing. Beach, inshore or offshore, the opportunities begin early with over 800 species of fish making the Sea of Cortez their home. Even before the blistering Baja sun begins it journey across the blue sky, marred only by a few puffy clouds, it’s not unusual to find an eager angler casting from the shore, often rewarded with a catch of a lifetime before breakfast. Then, after they have eaten, they can hop on a boat heading out for a full day on the water. Sometimes the action comes only a few miles from shore as feeding fish or birds are spotted. Depending on the time of year, it could be blue marlin, striped marlin, swordfish, sailfish, dorado, yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, wahoo or roosterfish that gets the party started and can last until the skipper calls “lines out” in the afternoon. For the hard-core it’s a quick dip in the pool, a cold drink and back to the beach for the late bite as the fading sun sinks behind the foothills.

“My husband and I have been visiting here for years,” smiled Betty Sorenson. “We simply love Martin Verdugo’s as a getaway,” Diane Kritz, Paso Robles, California, continued while catching up with her email. “We enjoy the simplicity of this place, Very Inexpensive for all we get. A room with a gorgeous sunrise view, breakfast menu with any choice to eat in or as I prefer to take on the boat as we leave for the day to fish. And most importantly, their great 28′ Cruiser with excellent Captain Alfredo and mate, Vocha.The beautiful weather and our fishing have been fantastic – many marlin, big dorado and some tuna. Verdugo’s cruisers and crews are outstanding.”

If you are looking for a destination that satisfies a variety of tastes, Martin Verdugo’s Beach Resort may be your answer: A “Do it Your Way” kind of place, off the beaten track, providing a gateway to extraordinary fishing and back country exploring that will satisfy new-comers and old-timers alike.

Martin Verdugo’s Beach Resort

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