Thank a Veteran Take them Fishing

Veteran Fishing Trips

Veteran Fishing Trips

Everyone has a busy schedule and the pace of life seems to get faster and faster. It is easy to forget, myself included, that our veterans and their families make many, if not the ultimate sacrifices to keep us free. Many suffer physical and mental wounds, that make it difficult to re-enter civilian life.

There are many programs and non-profits being developed that use the peaceful and healing experience of fishing, hunting or outdoor adventures to help these soldiers to reconnect themselves to something normal.

A fishing trip that we consider a great way to spend a Saturday could be the key to unlock a veteran’s need to be whole again.

So if you have the opportunity, or better yet can make the opportunity to include a veteran or their families on your outdoor adventures or outings, then I believe you can show gratitude to the people who sacrificed “normal” for us so we can be “normal”.

If you can’t physically take a veteran fishing, you can search out and find a program that does and either volunteer or support with donations. In this way we can share our love of fishing and hunting with those who need to feel that connection to something real.

I promise it will make you feel good to give thanks to those who have served our great country.

I have assembled links to a few of the many programs to help veterans. Take the time to find one near you.

God bless our veterans!

Rivers of Recovery

Project Healing Waters

The Wounded Veterans
Fishing Program

Take a Soldier Fishing

Veteran’s Outreach Mission

Wounded Warriors in Action

Wounded Warriors Hunting Camp

Hunt for Vets

Hope for Warriors

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