Darrell’s Offshore Wish Granted

On April 6, 2016 the Bolt family’s lives changed forever. They learned that their son Darrell had a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) brain tumor, which is found in a part of the brain stem called the pons. The pons controls essential bodily functions such as heartbeat, breathing, swallowing, eye movement, eyesight, and balance. Since doctors were guessing on timelines the parents, Amanda and Jamie, decided not to share what was not certain, and keep Darrell’s spirit high and positive.

jose wejebe-foundationThe Outdoor Dream Foundation contacted me about hosting a trip for the Bolt family . It felt like a perfect fit. As we started to coordinate the details I received some exciting news. The day before Darrell and his family arrived I found out I was pregnant. My husband Dave and I tried to keep the word from getting out, but since we live in such a small town that lasted all of three days.

The Bolt family drove from their home of Townville, South Carolina. Darrell had never flown before, and didn’t feel the need to try now. I told them the landing at the Key West airport could be a little rough since the runway is so short; pilots have to slam on the brakes.

They arrived late at night on Saturday. I walked over and showed them around the house next to ours where they would stay for their visit. We would meet up in the AM to discuss plans. I left the schedule pretty open because the weather is so hot and exhausting during the summer. They went out for two half-days offshore with Chris Mendola which fulfilled many of Darrell’s wish list.

spanish fly

Darrell got the big amberjack he wanted, and a bunch of yellowtail.

Foundation tripsThe nice thing about them being right next-door is we could drop the flats boat in the water, leave it at our dock, and have Darrell walk over, jump in and head out for a few hours.  When the weather was clear, my husband Dave would pick Darrell and his family up and hit the flats.

Darrell was checking fish off his list!

spanish flyOver the course of Darrell’s trip he caught four of the five fish he wanted to catch; snapper, amberjack, tarpon, shark, but no marlin.

We took a day trip up to Marathon where Darrell got to experience the different attractions at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.

There we got to observe the training they are doing with sharks. Each shark has an individual symbol. Each shark learns that symbol and is trained to touch the symbol wherever it is placed in its tank. This technique aids in all kinds of research projects and husbandry.

Florida Keys

Darrell also got to touch stingrays, which are unique in the way they feel and move… I highly recommend it if you’ve never touched one. The aquarium also has an area where you can dig around and find shells, fossilized coral, and shark teeth. Darrell was blown away by the shark teeth. Next came DRC.

dolphin encounterDolphin Research Center…my home away from home. I always find it amusing that some adult men don’t think much of touching a dolphin or asking for behaviors. But when Darrell’s dad Jamie got on the dock, he was all smiles. The family got to witness the creativity, and unique behavior of each individual dolphin, specifically their artistic ability. DRC has a program where the dolphins can paint a shirt for you.  Like most things at DRC, the dolphins are the ones who give us humans the ideas.   Over 20 years ago a trainer saw one of the dolphins holding a red mangrove pod in his mouth. The staff thought if they could hold that in their mouth maybe they could do the same with a paintbrush? Darrell and his sister got to experience the final product of that once-observed behavior in the paint-with-a-dolphin program.

dolphin encountersAt dinner our final night we were talking about our heroes. Darrell said to me “Now Krissy please don’t be offended, but I’m more of a freshwater guy than saltwater. Growing up I’ve always followed Kevin VanDam and he is my absolute favorite.” His parents explained that they had tried to reach out to him, but could never find a direct line of communication to him. I had told them that I had met Kevin a few times, and maybe we could get him to send Darrell an autograph. His whole face lit up “Really! You know Kevin VanDam??!!” and in the cutest southern accent you’ve ever heard.

We said our goodbyes early that morning. They had a long drive ahead of them.

About a month after their trip I got an alert on my phone about a shooting in Townville, SC. I called the family, and got no answer. Sent them a text. It was their daughter Kayla’s school. She was not hurt. Others weren’t as lucky.

That week the family had also gotten the results from Darrell’s MRI, and it was not what they were hoping for. Sometimes you don’t know what to do when tragedy strikes, but I remembered I had promised Darrell that I would try and get him his autograph from Kevin VanDam. I reached out to dear friends of my father’s, fishing legend Flip Pallot, and Dave Pfeiffer of Shimano. Both got me his contact info at almost the exact same time. It is always humbling what two of the most prominent men in the fishing industry will do at the drop of a dime because of my dad. I called Kevin and explained to him the situation. Kevin said he would be happy to give him a call. Selfishly I asked him if I could be in on the conference call? I wanted to hear Darrell’s reaction.

I called Amanda, and she put Darrell on the phone. I merged the calls together but Kevin kept silent at first. “Darrell remember how I told you I knew Kevin VanDam?” “Yes ma’am” In that adorable southern accent. “Well Kevin meet Darrell, Darrell meet Kevin.” Kevin said hello and introduced himself. All Darrell could say at first was “Uhhh is this really Kevin VanDam? THE Kevin VanDam?!” It was a priceless moment that I am grateful to have shared. Kevin and Darrell spoke for a while about what kind of fish Darrell fishes for, and Kevin shared some tips with him. After we got off the phone I thanked Kevin, and he said he would send Darrell some of his lures. Two days later they received his gear. Amanda sent me a text thanking me, “This is really what we needed after this week.”

florida keysAmanda later shared her thoughts with me, “With the help of The Outdoor Dream Foundation, Spanish Fly Foundation, Make a Wish, and the kindness of his doctors, we have done everything Darrell wanted to do. We have been blessed by all the people that have stepped up and made this the best time of his life. Our community has stepped up and been so great to us. They told us we are not alone in this fight. Thank you to the sponsors of the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Foundation for making it possible for Darrell to be able to go offshore fishing.”

Krissy Wejebe
Krissy Wejebe, daughter of the late Jose Wejebe of the Spanish Fly TV series, continues the great works of her father and enjoys the sport of fishing as he did. She runs the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation with this mission: The foundation's mission is to honor Jose's legacy by matchi...