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UASC Crab Feed Fundraiser

Anglers are encouraged to turn out and support the United Anglers of Southern California’s annual Crab Feed Fundraiser and Fishing Tackle Swap Meet on Saturday, November 12. The third-annual event will take place at the Compton Hunting and Fishing Club and will feature new menu options and sales of donated fishing gear. Proceeds will support the legal fight against the unlawful Marine Life Protection Act.

This event has become an important and well-attended fundraising activity, providing anglers an opportunity to support UASC and its ongoing efforts to protect recreational fishing access in a fun and casual outdoor environment.

While plates of fresh cooked, all-you-can eat snow crab and tubs of melted butter will be familiar to those who’ve attended this event before, there will be significant changes for this year’s event. For starters, the new location on the spacious grounds of the Compton Hunting and Fishing Club located at 1625 S. Sportsman Drive in Compton.

“I can’t express enough gratitude to members of the Compton Hunting and Fishing Club for letting us use their facility,” said UASC Chairman Dave Elm. “It’s a great location that combines a clubhouse atmosphere with plenty of outdoor area for swap meet tents and tables. It’s also centrally located, which is important because we have people coming from all over the Southland. We appreciate their generosity and support.”

This year’s event combines two important and established annual UASC fundraisers — the Crab Feed and Fishing Tackle Swap Meet — into one convenient and fun activity. The Swap Meet will begin at 8 a.m. and the Crab Feed kicks off at 11 a.m. Both events will conclude at 3 p.m.

Participants will be able to take advantage of a variety of bargains on donated items, with all proceeds going to support UASC and the Ocean Access Protection Fund (OAPF) in their legal battle against the unlawful Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) in California. Then they can feast on fresh, tasty seafood, with proceeds from the meal also going to help protect recreational fishing access.

Event organizers have made some changes to the menu this year, providing the option to dine on tasty fish tacos as well as crab — both of which will be prepared fresh on site. They are also providing discounted prices on both menu options for children under 13.

As always, admission to the Fishing Tackle Swap Meet is free. Tickets for the all-you-can-eat Crab Feed are $40 for adults and $20 for kids.

For more information or to purchase tickets, contact UASC headquarters at 562-494-9900 or visit the organization’s website at www.unitedanglers.com.

UASC Crab Feed Fundraiser