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Turkey Hunting – Shooting Gobblers You’ve Missed

The would-be knockout punch you threw failed to deliver.

You’ve called a strutting spring gobbler into range, aimed at his fist-sized head and fired. Problem is, the bird flopped then got up like a boxer in the ring with some fight left in him, and is running, or worse — flying off.

It’s your move, now or never.

Most of the time, it’s best to call a wild turkey into range, and squeeze off a shot aimed at the standing bird’s head and neck. You’ve tried that and failed.

Though it’s not the best way to anchor a spring gobbler, there are situations when taking a turkey on the run or wing are the only options, especially after missed chances, or worse yet, when that bird is wounded.

Shooting running or flying turkeys is almost always a Plan-B option. But here are a couple of tips to do it right:

• You missed the first time. The gobbler is running away. Calmly find the target again. Pull the trigger. Dead bird.

• Chances are you’re sitting if you’ve called a gobbler into range. If it flushes, maneuver your body for stability the best you can to make that shot. Stand up if the crippled bird is laboring off then drop it. If you are standing, shoot that flushing turkey as you might other upland birds, but avoid body shots.

For additional tips on ways to shoot the gobblers you missed, check out Yamaha’s outdoor info at www.yamaha-motor.com/outdoor.