How To Turn Your Trigger Reel Seat Into A Hook Keeper

One of the drawbacks of fishing larger lures for saltwater bass is that most rods aren’t designed to properly store the lure when not in use. While rod blank mounted hook keepers are great when you’re pinning a small swimbait to the rod but don’t stand up as well to a 7-inch long hardbait with two sets of treble hooks. As a result, I’ve gotten into the habit of just attaching the back hook of the bait to the top of the reel but that isn’t a good solution either. While I don’t mind my reels getting a little scratched up, there’s nothing worse than grabbing your rod and realizing that the hook has gotten tangled in the spectra on the spool.

The good news is that the solution is as simple as using a 5/32-inch bit to drill a hole in your trigger seat. This whole will fit any hook from a light wire treble to a 9/0 weedless swimbait hook.

More importantly it will keep your lure behind the reel so you don’t need to worry about snagging yourself with it when it’s in the rod rack.

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