We Have A Winner For The Race To PEI, The Return

Race PEI returnWe here at BD love this contest too.  How fun it is it to call someone up and tell them they’ve won a fishing trip of a lifetime!  The response is always one of disbelief, quickly followed by extreme excitement.

The call to Andrew Sanford was no different.  Upon being told he was the winner of the contest and the trip, he screamed, “You’re Lyin!”

No Andrew, we are totally serious and so will your battle be with a giant bluefin tuna when it all comes together.

BD is proud to introduce Andrew Sanford as the winner of the Race To PEI, The Return

We asked Andrew a few questions about his history and fishing experience so far.

BD:Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

Andrew Sanford:I grew up in Costa Mesa, California and I’m currently still a resident of the area.

BD:How long have you been a BD member?

Andrew Sanford:I officially joined about 5 years ago, but I’ve been lurking for as long as I can remember.

BD:What where your thoughts when you signed up for the Race to PEI and what went through your mind when you found out you had won?

Andrew Sanford:My initial thought was “what the heck, it couldn’t hurt.  But when you called, I was in complete shock. I still wake up daily and have to make sure I’m not dreaming.”

Race PEI return

BD:How did you get started fishing and what types of fishing do you do today?

Andrew Sanford:When I was very young, my mother would take me to the local park where I’d bobber fish for baby bass on my snoopy rod. Also, my Uncle Toby was a big influence and taught me much of what I know about fishing and running boats safely.  Now, I love fishing the local Islands off SoCal (Catalina and San Clemente) as well as bass fishing with some longtime friends.

BD:Have you ever been on other destination fishing trips similar to this one?

Andrew Sanford:Never, I was lucky enough to deploy to Belize for 3 months and was able to get my shot at some tarpon while I was there.

BD:What kinds of fishing are your favorites?

Andrew Sanford:I love throwing iron, trolling, or top water plugging for tuna and yellowtail.  But I also love to fish big swimbaits for largemouth bass.

BD:What are your thoughts on going head to head with a giant bluefin?

Andrew Sanford:I can honestly say I already feel like I’m going to learn my physical and mental boundaries. But this has been a true dream of mine to head to PEI and push myself beyond my limits in an attempt to land a “Giant.”

BD:What are some of your most memorable fish to date?

Andrew Sanford:My biggest was a 50-pound dorado on 20# during my first overnight trip out of San Diego.  Next would be the 14.8-pound largemouth at Lake Mission Viejo the day before leaving for Marine Corps Boot Camp.

BD:What future goals do you have in the fishing world?

Andrew Sanford:I eventually would like to retire from Local 12 Operating Engineers and then explore the possibility of running a 6-pack operation.

We look forward to fishing with you Andrew and we will keep our BD members posted on the trip.

A big thanks to our sponsors who make it all possible and to Tony’s Tuna Fishing for sharing their expertise and hospitality.

The Race To PEI The Return Contest is made possible by these industry leaders: Tony’s Tuna FishingOkumaAFTCOCostaGrundens and Mustad.

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