Top 5 Reasons To Visit Crocodile Bay Resort In Costa Rica

At this time of year, many of the inquiries about vacationing at Crocodile Bay Resort are about our ‘Green Season’. We call it ‘Green’ because it is the time of year when everything comes alive on the Osa Peninsula, and the afternoon showers revive both the flora and the fauna.

We decided to list the top ten reasons to visit us here on the Osa Peninsula at Crocodile Bay, a place where you may wish to come for the fishing, but you’ll stay for the opportunity to stand with Mother Nature and share in all the energy of this magical place. In 2019, Crocodile Bay Resort has ushered in a tackle box of new possibilities and experiences.

1.  The Staff at Crocodile Bay Resort

Our staff is one of the top reasons why our guests say they love Crocodile Bay. We are very proud of our Crocodile Bay family and how they naturally make people feel, but it is more than that. Most of our staff have grown up on the Osa Peninsula. They are proud of their home. And they are here because they love the way of life, the energy of nature, and their bond with their families.Our friendly staff will cater to your individual needs and share the natural wealth of the Osa Peninsula, while helping you prepare for the experience of a lifetime.