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Spa Buena Vista

Mornings promise. Not much in the world of sportfishing compares with the promise of a new dawn. Fishing in the waters of the East Cape offers an unlimited range of possibilities that make the promise of a new dawn even more exciting. Will today bring a speedy Wahoo, a big bull Dorado, a cow or super-cow tuna, or even the mystical Grander Blue marlin.

Spa Buena Vista Pool

Hanging in the pool is a refreshing way to unwind from the days fishing. You are just above the Tropic of Cancer which lies between Cabo and the East Cape, so tropical conditions make a plunge in the pool, followed by a cold one at the swim-up bar an excellent way to lower ones body temperature.

Spa Buena Vista Food

Fine dining goes hand in hand with relaxation in the tropics.

Spa Buena Vista Bar

Visit the bar and sip a cool one and swap some fishing stories from the day.

spa Buena Vista beach

After a day of fishing, beach-combing, ATV riding, or Eco-touring, you can unwind with a glass of wine from Buena Vista Beach Resorts well-stocked wine selection, including some from the Baja peninsula.

Spa Buena Vista Beach ATV

Check out the surrounding area by ATV.

Spa Buena Vista Beach Lunch Tacos

Spa Buena Vista beach lunch is to die for.

Spa Buena Vista Beach fish tacos

A short drive to the nearby town of Los Barriles offers shopping and dining opportunities that range from local taco stands like this one, to more formal restaurants, and the always popular Baja Papa’s Cantina, which serves excellent food including smoked fish from the adjoining East Cape Smokehouse.

Spa Buena Vista Beach octopus

The crew found an octopus at the beach in the crystal clear waters.

Spa Buena Vista Beach Mahi

Hotel B.V. maintains its own fleet of cruisers and pangas. Here, father-and-son captain Chayo and mate Julio of the cruiser Vagabundos help angler Zane Hinrichs with a dandy bull Dorado. Julio was an expert at rigging Ballyhoo in such a way as to avoid most short-strikes that are common with this bait.

spa Buena Vista hotel grounds

Picture a sportfishing-centered resort that any non-fishing members of your party will also enjoy. The East Cape experience, especially at Hotel Bean Vista resort means not having the distractions found in Cabo. Just focus on serious fishing, and then serious relaxing, and wake up to repeat.

Spa Buena Vista Spa

Beautifully maintained grounds greet you on your way back from the days fishing on your way to the pool. Rooms are comfortable and clean, and meals are freshly prepared as part of the all-inclusive packages available.

spa Buena Vista fishing fleet

The fleet lined up and ready to head to the fishing grounds

Spa Buena Vista Bull dolphin

This nice dorado was baited with a Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid rod and an Avet LX 6/3 reel loaded with 70# Diawa braid and 50# P-line fluorocarbon topshot. This combo performed flawlessly on the Sailfish and Dorado as the primary drop-back rod on this visit to Hotel B. V

Spa Buena Vista palapa

Spa Buena Vista Hotel

Hanging out on the beach under the shade of a thatched hut is a great way to pass the time.

Spa Buena Vista graden

Spa Buena Vista Hotel

This image captures the feeling of being in the tropical oasis surrounded by the azure seas of the Sea of Cortez. Fountains and Bouganvilla’s lead you down the path to a memorable fishing vacation for you and the entire family.

Spa Buena Vista Beach sunset

Spa Buena Vista Hotel

Hotel Buena Vista, the captains and crew, and the entire Valdez family are amigos of Bloody Decks. If you are considering either a repeat visit, or possibly your first visit, you won’t be disappointed in your decision to stay and fish at Hotel Buena Vista.

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