Race To Guatemala Video At Casa Vieja Lodge

fishing lodgeEach year for the last five years, BD Outdoors has run its most popular contest, The Race To Somewhere. We take the winner of a random online drawing to experience a bucket-list fishing trip, all expenses paid.

Casa Vieja LodgeThis year’s lucky winner was hometown SoCal angler, Cole Coscino. Cole was already a diehard fisherman and member of BD. He described the moment when he found out he had won the trip to Casa Vieja. Cole said, “I was riding home on the train from college for a fall break, when Ali from BD called. I could not believe what he was saying; the whole moment was surreal.”

The grin on Cole’s face was priceless. Cole fishes a lot at home including working on private boats as a deck hand when he’s not at college at Point Loma. But this was going to be special and we all felt it.

Our go to set ups for sailfish were the light and agile Okuma Andros Two Speed A-Series lever drag reels. These reels were designed to take the punishment of modern braided lines and make the most of the benefits of using lighter tackle. We were spooled up with Seaguar’s Threadlock 16-strand hollow core braid, which gave us more than enough capacity and strength to catch anything we might encounter. To the braid we added a wind-on leader that the crew had made and then attached about three feet of Seaguar’s Big Game Fluoro Premier. Seaguar leaders provide maximum strength and minimal visibility while still being very soft for fluorocarbon leader.

seaguar leaderTo the bait leader we snelled a 7/0 Mustad Demon Perfect Circle Hook, which has a chemically sharpened and strengthened point. The circle hook rides on top of the ballyhoo’s forehead and is highly effective at hooking the fish in the corner of the mouth. This method makes it easier for the angler to hook the fish and much better for the healthy release of a fish. These Mustad circle hooks greatly reduce the odds of hooking a fish deep and are tournament approved by the Billfish Foundation. Casa Vieja Lodge takes great care in the release of all its billfish and works closely with the Billfish Foundation to preserve this resource and learn more about all billfish.

casa vieja“Watching my first ever sail, all lit up and purple, engulf my ballyhoo right off the transom was a sight I’ll never forget”, Cole said on the ride home.

When the dust settled, we had released 19 sailfish.

What an awesome day. We all said it can’t get better than this, but actually in Guatemala it can and does. There are many days where Capt. Chris raises 50 to 80 fish or more and catches a good portion of those.

fishing destinationsThere is no down side to the trip except for having to go home, but as all great trips come to an end, it leaves you plotting how you will return for another adventure.  Cole remarked, “This trip was something extremely special for me, and as a diehard fisherman, experiencing this kind of fishing was something I’d always dreamt of. I’m making it a life goal to return here, sooner rather than later. It is literally that amazing, and will 100% spoil you.”

Casa Vieja Lodge bends over backwards to make your trip the best it can be. They make every guest feel like royalty and we can’t thank them enough for making this Race to Guatemala one for the books.

We cannot thank our partners enough because their products make fishing more fun and productive.

A special shout out goes to Costa, AFTCO, Okuma, Mustad, and Seaguar. We could not have better companies behind us and their exemplary products are an integral part of sportfishing.

If you would like to set up a trip to Casa Vieja Lodge or learn more about their services, check out their website, Facebook or drop them a line. I promise you, they will help you anyway they can and will make your adventure the fishing trip of a lifetime.

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