Crocodile Bay Resort – More Than Just Great Fishing

Most know Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica for its incredible fishing opportunities, but many are just discovering they offer so much more for traveling anglers and their friends and family.

Crocodile Bay Resort

Ecotourism in Costa Rica’s natural splendor has always been a part of a successful visit to the Osa Penisula and Crocodile Bay Resort, but the lodge has expanded its reach into the natural world offering a wide range of nature-based adventures.

Crocodile Bay Resort

Yes, you can still come to Crocodile Bay and focus on their famous sportfishing fleet of modern boats and equipment and fully competent and accommodating crews, but you can also plan to diversify your visit or come solely for the eco-adventures and nature photography opportunities.

The resort is also a great place for your wedding or a business conference.  Set yourself up for an unforgettable experience with the perfect blend of exotic rainforest jungle and modern accommodations and dining.

You might just come to relax and get away from it all taking full advantage of the luxury spa, swimming pool and rocking chair on the porch overlooking the tropical grounds of Crocodile Bay’s 44-acres.

At Crocodile Bay, there are so many things to experience, you might have to stay awhile or make multiple trips!

Eco Adventures & Workshops

Surfing the Osa Peninsula

Horseback riding the Seashore

Osa Wildlife Sanctuary by Boat

Jungle Night Walks

Bird Watching Tours

Reptile & Amphibian Tours

Gold Panning

Visit the Chocolate Farm

Crocodile and Caiman Visit

Cross Country Biking

Precious Beach Visits

Snorkeling the Golfo Dulce

Golfo Dulce Excursions by Boat

Butterfly Farm Tour

The Osa Rainforest Tour

Mangrove & Sunset Kayak Tours

Corcovado National Park

Zip Line Canopy Tours

Sea Turtle Rescue Tour

Monkey Tours

As you can see from the impressive list of options for naturalists and eco-adventure lovers, Crocodile Bay Resort is working hard to be your best choice for experiencing this untouched tropical paradise.

Of course, you may be obsessed with fishing and you want only that; that has long been a focus of Crocodile Bay.  They have many options for you in that realm as well.  They specialize in offshore fishing for blue and black marlin, Pacific sailfish, yellowfin tuna, dorado and more.  Back inshore, anglers can pursue the classic roosterfish or cubera snapper, or a host of inshore and bottom-dwelling species.  You can chase all of this from the largest private fleet of sportfishing boats offering guests a variety of boat styles and sizes to match your goals.

Crocodile Bay Resort

You owe it to yourself to plan a trip to Crocodile Bay and start checking boxes and making memories.  Whether you take family, friends or just yourself, Crocodile Bay is working hard to make your tropical experience the best it can be.

Visit the Crocodile Bay website to get more details or make a reservation for your next adventure!  Read more about Crocodile Bay on BD.