Casa Vieja Lodge Fall Happenings

The Queen is Back

The ReleaseFinally, the Release has been released from Casa Vieja Lodge Marine Services and had her maiden voyage this past weekend during the 15th Annual Club Nautico de Guatemala Tournament. The Release, a 37’ Merritt, has completed a 2-year overhaul and reclaimed her reign as queen of the Casa Vieja Lodge fleet. Originally built in 1961, hull #8, she was repowered with new Cummins QSB6.7 Engines, SIMRAD NSS evo2 12-inch electronics, and exquisite teak craftsmanship. Captain Chico is back at the helm and is more excited than ever to re-introduce the queen to anglers this season.  Which boat will you choose this season? See a quick video HERE with Capt Rick Murphy.

Results of the XV Toreno Internacional de Guatemala 2017

October 20-22, 2017

Top Anglers
1. Juan Torruelas
2. Alvaro de la Hoz
3. Luis Cordova

Top Teams
1. Puerto Rico 3
2. Predator Puerto Rico
3. Piragua

Top Boats
1. Makaira
2. Intensity
3. Allure

Holidays in Tropical Guatemala

Casa Vieja LodgeThanksgiving will never be the same when you are allowed to fish all day and come back to a feast that even grandma would approve of! No dinner clean-up necessary, and you can still stuff yourself to the brim and proceed to vegetate on the couch.  Instead of Black Friday chaos, we’ll have a billfish feeding frenzy that will make all your friends jealous as they stand in long lines to buy new socks and festive sweaters!

We invite you and yours to come and be a part of the Casa Vieja Lodge Family this Thanksgiving as well as New Year’s Eve when we host a fireworks show that’s resembles your day on the water: FANTASTIC! Call us at 1-800-882-4665, or Email us HERE for more information.

Upcoming Events with Casa Vieja Lodge 

2017 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show
November 1-5th, Bahia Mar Booth 1061-62
Solo Angler’s Weekend 
November 2-4th  (Limited availability)
International Women’s Fishing Association (IWFA) Tournament
November 10-12th 
Thanksgiving Weekend
November 22nd -26th

Capt. Franz HoffmanCaptain’s Profile: Franz Hoffman

Quiet, but full of smiles is our Captain Franz Hoffman of the 35′-ST Contender Pez Raton. Capt. Franz is unique as he is native Guatemalan with a German heritage, thus he’s trilingual in  Spanish, German, and English. He also was past-president of Club Nautico of Guatemala and has a true passion for the water.

A life student of the ocean he continues to learn, and stalks the in-shores for the infamous rooster fish and cubera snappers. Dubbed the Casa Vieja Lodge In-Shore Fishing Specialist, Franz has proved all doubters that the in-shore fishing is definitely alive and well in Guatemala. Seeing as many as 18 rooster fish in a single day Capt Franz is the man you want for a day of in-shore fishing!

For those that haven’t fished with Capt. Franz here is a glimpse into what makes him special.

“I love fishing, the simple joy that it brings to people, and the smiles on their faces make me really proud of what I do. I love sharing this passion with clients, and enjoy teaching the youth about this sport. I’m not a Captain because I have to be, I’m a Captain because I really do enjoy it. The captains at Casa Vieja care about teaching you how to become a better angler, and aren’t focused on quantity. Don’t get me wrong we are competitive, but we take our time to make sure you get what you want out of your day on the water.”

Guatemala fishingThe Casa Vieja Fleet had some summertime love, but it’s time to get back to fishing! Fall fishing is upon us as the sailfish have been consistent, and the blue marlin are still in the spread. The Lodge staff is welcoming back our clients with open arms and cold beverages!  Below are some fishing highlights and you can always see the daily fishing report HERE.

  • October 19th-21st, the Pez Raton (35’ ST Contender) with Capt. Franz Hoffman, had 29 raises, 26 bites, and 12 sailfish releases. They also had 7 mah-mahi, 2 marlin raises, 2 marlin bites, and 1 striped marlin release.
  • October 20th & 21st, the Spindrift (38’ Stolper) with Capt. Nicho Alvarenga, had 29 raises, 28 bites, and 11 sailfish releases. PLUS 5 marlin raises and 3 marlin bites.
  • October 20th-22nd, the Afinity (39’ Billy Knowles) with Capt. Nestor Garcia, had 59 raises, 50 bites, and 32 sailfish releases. They also had 1 mahi-mahi, 2 marlin raises and 1 marlin bite.
  • October 20th-22nd, the Intensity (37’ Gamefisherman) with Capt. Mike Sheeder, had 53 raises, 45 bites, and 31 sailfish releases! Plus 6 marlin raises, 5 marlin bites, and 2 marlin releases!
  • October 20th-25th, the Release (37′ Merritt) with Capt. Chico Alvarenga, had 112 raises, 91 bites, and 60 sailfish releases. They also had 4 marlin raises, 2 marlin bites, 2 marlin releases, 1 mahi-mahi, 3 tuna, AND 4 mahi-mahi!
  • October 20th-25th, the Finest Kind (40’ Whiticar), with Capt. David Salazar fishing the 20th-22nd and Capt. Chris Sheeder fishing the 23rd-25th, had 112 raises, 80 bites, 42 sailfish releases, and  1 marlin raise!
  • October 20th-25th, the Makaira (37’ Rybovich) with Capt. Chris Sheeder fishing 20th-22nd and Capt. Jason Brice fishing the 23rd-25th, had 73 raises, 68 bites, and 52 sailfish releases. They also had 2 marlin raises, 2 marlin bites, 2 marlin releases, 1 wahoo, AND 5 mahi mahi!