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Boatbound has created a brilliant union between boat owners and potential boat renters. Boatbound is the nation’s fastest growing rental marketplace for boaters. They give boat owners the opportunity to safely offset the cost of ownership and upkeep by giving access to a growing pool of pre-screened clients who wish to rent a boat. These potential renters are looking for a chance to enjoy the many aspects of boating, be it sailing or fishing, without the commitment of owning a boat.

Both sides of this equation are in a winning situation, as Boatbound provides great insurance coverage for boat owners, and provides quality boats for renters in addition to offering boater’s education opportunities.

Boatbound is not just another boating club, they do not charge any fees to join and have no monthly fees for membership.

That means you only pay when you are ready to rent a boat and there are many types to choose from in locations all over the U.S. Clients also have the option to request a captain aboard to take all of the worry out of your day on the water. Some boats even provide fishing or sporting equipment, so renters have many options to choose from when shopping for a boat to rent.

Boat owners are in full control over who uses their boat and when.

Boatbound arranges the contact with potential renters and the boat owners are able to interview and screen applicants in order to evaluate their qualifications. The decision is totally up to owners and Boatbound insures the boat though Lloyds of London and provides on the water towing support from Boat U.S.

Boatbound’s Chris Oetting says, “We take care of all of the paperwork and money handling in a swift and easy process. We do hold a security deposit contingent on the boat’s value and the renters are typically responsible for fuel unless otherwise pre-arranged. Some owners provide fishing equipment, but most renters bring their own. These options can be discussed during the interview process between renters and owners.” Chris went on to say that, “We have partnered with several industry leaders, including the Brunswick Corporation, who see the benefits to both sides of the equation. They believe that as more renters fall in love with being on the water, that will translate into a revitalization of the industry as a whole.”

So whether you just want to enjoy a day on the water without the expense of ownership, or you’re an owner looking to offset those same costs by renting your boat, Boatbound is the perfect marriage of these two groups and everyone wins.

Visit Boatbound to learn more and pick out your next boating adventure.

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