Win A Free Trip To Fish Guatemala

race guatemala

Race to Guatemala

We are excited to announce the next location of BD’s most popular yearly contest, the Race To Guatemala!

One lucky BD member will be drawn for an all expense paid trip to fish Casa Vieja Lodge with the BD crew.

 Prize Package

  • All expenses paid
  • Awesome swag from sponsors
  • 3 days fishing Casa Vieja, the sailfish capital of world
  • Use the best gear in the business

Casa Vieja Lodge takes care of everything an angler could wish for; first class accommodations, top notch boats, crews and equipment all in the jungle-setting of Guatemala’s world-class fishing.

race guatemala

Our winner will join the BD crew for three days of fishing with Casa Vieja using the best gear in the business from our industry partners.  The winer will be flown in from their hometown to meet up with us in Guatemala.  The great people from Casa Vieja take care of the rest and do it with style.  They have a fleet of restored classic fishing boats and fully updated modern equipment.

Chasing billfish is job number one and there is no other place where you might get this many shots.

We also want to thank our partners that make this trip possible.  It is their gear that gives us the edge as we fish around the world.

costa glassesOne key element in any kind of fishing, but especially billfishing is the ability to see what’s out there.  Costa glasses cut the glare and give us the most clear, crisp view of the watery world. Comfortable to wear and offered in so many styles to match your face and taste.  Costa glasses can also be ordered with your prescription built right into their high quality lenses. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of Costa glasses.

aftco fishingAFTCO products enhance just about every aspect of a fishing trip. From the rigger clip that pops, the tag stick you use to mark another catch, the rollers that keep your line smooth and the gloves that leader your catch, AFTCO products have been there for anglers.  Now AFTCO apparel keeps you cool and protected from the tropical sun with their wide array of performance fishing clothing and accessories.

seaguar leaderSeaguar lines and leaders could not be more important for our trip because the quality products from this experienced company takes the stare and the beating from some of the top predators in the ocean.  Seaguar fluorocarbon leaders are an integral part of all fishing.  Reduced visibility to fish and increased abrasion resistance from bills are a win-win combination.  Seaguar braids are some of the most user-friendly, supple braids on the market, while still being tough as nails.

mustad hooksOf course every aspect of fishing in crucial, but Mustad hooks are the original point of contact and their sharp, strong designs have been racking up catches for generations.  Mustad makes many hook designs specific for regional fisheries and does each one well.

okuma reelsOkuma rods and reels have been a proven force in the fishing world.  From the Okuma Makaira big game reels to the versatile Metaloid reel and so many more, Okuma has designed a reel for any fishery you might encounter.  Proven on the battlegrounds, their gear is built to withstand the punishment that big fish dish out.

casa viejaAll of these products will be put to the test with the help of the Casa Vieja Lodge.  The crew from Casa Vieja is ready and willing to show you the fishing trip of a lifetime, while treating you to first class accommodations and dining.  All within the lush tropical settings of their grounds.

So sign up today. There is no catch other than what you might catch during your trip to Casa Vieja in Guatemala.

Just ask our previous winners and see for yourself, you have nothing to lose.

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