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Trash To Treasure – Cory Redwine’s Vision and Mission

Check it out in person at the Rising Tide Tap & Table in Port Canaveral, Florida

This is one day’s worth of litter collected off Brevard beaches by the Redwine family, whose passion is art and the environment. It is on display at the new Rising Tide Tap & Table in Port Canaveral, Florida.

This tarpon and many other projects are the culmination of the two passions.

Beach CleanupCory Redwine, the artist, is a Florida native who loves the beaches and waterways for many reasons.  Fishing, paddle boarding, exploring and great family fun and relaxation are just a few of the reasons Cory likes her beach time.  Of course the currents and winds deposit litter from the ocean as a constant reminder of man’s detrimental plastic pollution in the ocean.  She started picking up litter with the desire to eliminate the garbage on the beach.

beach cleanupBut now picking up the un-ending procession of litter and bits and pieces of plastic has become a passion of its own. Though frustrating at times, seeing so much trash appear time and time again, Cory found a way to channel this endless task into a more exciting activity; like a scavenger hunt on the beach.

Of course a few sea beans mixed in always boosts the thrill of a sunrise trash collection.

trash artCory said, “I began to gather the more colorful bits of trash and the unique objects cast upon the sand by the waves and wind. I hated to just fill up the landfill with it as well, so I began to ponder what purpose I could give to this quantity of materials I was collecting.

litter artMy husband is an accomplished artist, so I began to create works of art using a collage of color and texture that comes from the many bits I’ve collected and scrubbed clean. My hope is that these works of art will bring awareness to the growing crisis of plastic pollution and encourage others to notice garbage and not just walk over it, but to also pick it up. Who knows, maybe they will be inspired to do something creative too, one piece of trash at a time.”

All Water AdventuresNow Cory is no stranger to life on the water, she owns and operates All Water Adventures, a versatile tour company in the Cocoa Beach area that prides itself in sharing the natural beauty of Central Florida’s waterways with visitors and residents alike.  AWA can take you on a casual boat ride, fishing trip, paddle board  adventure and much more.  There is not much on or around the water that they can’t share with their clients.

AWA cleanupSo it is only a natural progression that Cory is about to start running trips for guests to help clean up the very rivers and shorelines where they are enjoying nature.  For a very modest fee, guests can enjoy some time on the water, explore nature, and get the satisfaction of helping save or preserve the very thing they are enjoying.  “It is a win-win for our guests and our wildlife that we so enjoy seeing”, said Cory.

plastic litterOnce the “pretty” trash is home, Cory scrubs and dries each piece and sorts it by color to be used in her artwork.  Everything comes from our local shores and waterways.  Much of it is carried to our waters by the northward flowing Gulf Stream which brings the litter to us and the east winds put it on the beach.  “It is often mixed in with the sargasum weed and is often a big wet mess”, said Cory. “That is why you see me in my Xtratuf boots most of the time.  I use my boots to spread the seaweed around to expose the litter.”

kick plasticAccording to Costa’s Kick Plastic campaign, a garbage truck worth of plastic finds it’s way into the ocean everyday and it is estimated that by 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by weight.  Speaking of fish, already one in four of fish tested have plastic in them and almost all ocean pollution comes from land.  Costa has committed their influence and resources to help “kick plastic” and the movement is growing.

Cory Redwine“Even though the amount of litter seems to be unstoppable, my family and I have found great unity and satisfaction from cleaning up the very places we love to fish and play.  It’s the simple things in life that bring us the most joy and meaning now”, said Cory.  “The art using litter came second, but it is opening up many doors and telling the story of plastic pollution to others.  Once people know how bad it has become, it is easy to begin to care and to notice.”

searedwine“I will judge my litter-art successful if it inspires another to pick some up.”

You can follow Cory’s daily trash pick up on her @SeaRedwine.

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