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Tigress XD Poseidon Dredge Boom – Get In The Game

Now center console tournament anglers and other hardcore billfish chasers can add the latest trolling technique to their game-day strategy thanks to the Tigress XD Poseidon Dredge Boom.

East Coast sailfish tournament competitors have been at the forefront of bait presentations and the “heaviest” innovation of late has been the dredge – a simulated bait ball that is unmatched in attracting the attention of all kinds of billfish.

It’s pretty simple – if you’re not pulling a dredge, you’re not competing!

Dredges are umbrella arrays of ballyhoo or mullet – dozens of the actual dead fish – rigged with chin-weights that are often sporting a skirt. Months are spent prior to the season prepping baits for the ultimate presentation, while others choose to substitute sophisticated fish imitations such as swimbaits and trimmed plastic and mylar eye candy.

When assembled, there might be $500 expended in the creation of a single dredge. Since there is no reason to expect toothy critters like wahoo to ignore the spectacle, all the connections have to be made with cable. The whole deal is dropped deep just behind the boat with a skirted trolling lead.

Talk about a heavy load! Certainly, the drag created is far too much for outriggers designed for center console sportfishers. Tigress Outriggers & Gear has come up with a solution.

Tigress XD Poseidon Dredge Boom

  • Allows smaller center consoles to fish like bigger boats
  • Out pulls any other dredge on the market
  • 7’ black fiberglass boom
  • 3/0 Folbe heavy-duty block pulley
  • Ideal for LP or Hooker electric reels
  • Fits #4 80-pound-class bent butt rods
  • 316 stainless steel hardware
  • Comes with 14’ nylon safety tether with 316 stainless steel carabiner

The Tigress XD Poseidon Dredge Boom is a stout 7-foot fiberglass boom with 316 stainless hardware that fits into a #4 80-pound-class bent butt and, as a result, fits right into your center console’s rod holder.

Equipped with a 3/0 Folbe heavy-duty pulley and connectors for side stays to completely secure the rig (a 14-foot nylon safety tether with a 316 stainless steel carabiner is also included), the Tigress XD Poseidon Dredge Boom is designed for use with electric reels like the LP or the Hooker.

Not only does the XD Poseidon Dredge Boom withstand the drag of trolling the man-made bait ball, with a push of a button the entire dredge can be brought up and left hanging from the boom when the fight is on with the latest game fish hooked up.

dredge teaser

The big sportfishing yachts often put out multiple triple-layered dredges. Still, an isolated bait ball is a prime target for predators, making the dredge towed below your center console an unmatchable attractor that will bring fish after fish to hook-bearing baits deployed just above and behind the dredge.

The XD Poseidon Dredge Boom not only lets you into the real game, but it also gives you the cards to draw to.

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Check out the XD Poseidon Dredge Boom.