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Braid Lures on Sale at Tight Linz

tight linz braid dealsThis week www.TightLinz.com has a unique special on salt and freshwater lures from Braid Products. TightLinz, which offers discounts on all sorts of gear and tackle, is selling the Braid lures at super low prices because of a special two-pack pricing program.

tight linz braid dealsFor you freshwater/inshore guys TightLinz is featuring a killer lure direct from Japan — the Kuru Kuru (think Japanese for Fish-On!). Offered in both half ounce and three-quarter ounce sizes, the Kuru Kuru lures will get the attention of a wide range of species. They swim great in the water. You’d normally pay $13 for two lures but for a limited time anglers can get two Kuru Kuru lures for just $7.

There are also some great deals for the saltwater guys. TightLinz is offering the Braid Runner, Sea Fox and Thumper Squid at great prices. These three lures can be used in all sorts of saltwater applications with the same killer results. Between these three lures you’ll have the entire water column covered. At 10.5 ounces, these Sea Fox and Thumper Squids have the mass to get deep quickly, even in heavy current. TightLinz also has Braid’s universal plug wrench at a discounted price.

Don’t pay full retail, click over to www.TightLinz.com , sign up for free and start saving!