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ECSTAR Suzuki Genuine Oil For Longer Life


Suzuki Marine is continually developing state of the art technology to produce the Ultimate 4-Stroke outboards. The benefits of this innovation now extend beyond the engine to the development of a new high-performance engine oil: ECSTAR V7000 Semi-Synthetic 10W-40 Marine Engine Oil.

ECSTAR Oil is specifically designed by Suzuki to withstand the demands of outboard engines.

Suzuki’ is dedicated to providing the best performing products on the market.  They required their engineers to create a premium oil that not only exceeded all standards set forth by the NMMA, but more importantly was formulated specifically for Suzuki marine engines.

Suzuki OutboardsWhen using ECSTAR Suzuki Genuine Oil in their own outboards, Suzuki owners can be confident that their engine oil will stand up to the harshest conditions in any salt or fresh water environment.


ECSTAR Suzuki Genuine Oil is FC-W certified and uses a high-quality, low sulfur content base oil that reduces ash buildup for increased durability. The high viscosity index in this base oil is also a major contributor to maximizing fuel efficiency. When combined with select high-quality additives that inhibit engine corrosion, the product is the best performing marine oil Suzuki has ever offered.This formulation meets the needs of every Suzuki owner, from the pro fisherman who demands all out performance to the recreational boater who seeks optimum fuel efficiency and long-term reliability.


  • Less engine water
  • Lower oil consumption
  • Improved starting
  • Reduced fuel consumption

Visit Suzuki Marine for more information about ECSTAR oil.

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