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Support Your Local Fishing Boats And Take Dad Too

Local Fishing BoatsMy colleague, Erik Landesfeind, and I…and pretty much all the captains out there calling in their daily reports off the fishing boats have been talking about the potential and opportunity at hand in our local waters for several weeks now.

“Seeing a lot of signal.  If these fish ever decide to go…”

You’ve heard it too.  On the one hand, I agree.  Big bluefin are in play.  Yellowfin are starting to crash the scene.  Local and island fishing boats are seeing yellows.  Seabass are still getting caught.  Overall though, the big hits have been few and far between.  Capt. Ryan Bostian of the San Diego posted the picture of his boat (above) Wednesday this week with the caption, “21 pass. 1 bluefin tuna. After a few frustrating days on the tuna grounds we have decided to go explore the Coronado Islands tomorrow.”

While I feel like you shouldn’t chase counts and you’ll never be on that big hit while sitting on the couch, it’s tough to say you really have to go get in on it this weekend.  One fishing buddy of mine told me flat out…

“Fishing sucks right now.”

Local Fishing I’d have to argue against that statement, but it’s been hard to find examples from this week to refute it.

If you had to press me for a best bet for gamefish action, I’d say fish on an overnight headed to our local islands of Santa Catalina and San Clemente.

The water is warming up.  The conditions stabilized over the week, and it seems like the fish are starting to respond.  Capt. Tommy Lee (formerly of the Freedom) was filling in for Capt. TJ on the Eldorado this week.

Yesterday they connected at our “local islands” and put up the big score of 72 yellowtail, 47 calico bass, 12 sheephead, 2 halibut, 2 white seabass and limits of rockfish for only 25 anglers on an overnight trip.  Great trip!

Local Fishing If you asked me though what I plan to do, I’m just going to take it easy and fish local.  Afternoon bassing has been good on halfies all up and down the coast.  That’s my buddy, Jessica Cano (left), on the PM halfie yesterday on the Dolphin.

I mentioned last week that the cuda came to town and they seem to be sticking around for the Long Beach/San Pedro fishing boats.

And yesterday I got a report that Capt. Kody Kessell, of San Diego half day boat Dolphin Sportfishing, pulled 50 yellows off a paddy they found in 68-degree water and saw yellowfin mixed in (on their AM trip).

Given that it is Father’s Day on Sunday, how about taking Pops out on a halfie before the family bbq?  You might just get lucky.  If it doesn’t work out, you only spent for a halfie and you put in some valuable time on the water that can only help you be ready for when the bite improves.

I’ve always been of the opinion that if you can slay on a halfie, you can slay anywhere.  Go prove yourself.

Maybe I’ll see you on the rail.

Happy Father’s Day to my fellow dads and congrats to all the recent graduates.  Good luck if you get out there!