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Supercow Yellowfin Tuna Caught

Supercow Yellowfin Tuna

They say that every dog has thIER day, and nothing could be truer than this report from the Royal Polaris via Bill Roecker.

Rookie’s Luck: Supercow Yellowfin Tuna

This report came from Royal Polaris, posted March 25 by Dharyl Shelbourne:

Supercow Yellowfin Tuna

“As I start out my report, I talked about a young fisherman last night. His name was Ali Chahine. The largest fish he had caught before this trip was a 15-pound bluefin tuna. What a difference a day makes.

Not only did Ali get his yellowfin over 200-pounds, but he also caught his yellowfin over 300-pounds, in one day.

Ali was the lucky angler today, with a 221 and a 364-pound yellowfin tuna! “For Ali to get this monster, he needed two boats, the Royal Polaris, and the skiff. We normal don’t take skiffs, but Captain Jonathan Yamate thought it might be a good idea to bring the skiffs this trip, and boy, did it pay off for Ali.

“Most of the fish today were in the 170 to 190-pound range, just a few fish were under the 150 mark. We still have four full days left to fish, and hoping for things to get even better. We are having a great time, so until tomorrow, wish us luck.”

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