Story Unfolding for the Man Lost at Sea

Story Unfolding For The Man Lost At Sea

As survivor (not the show) Jose Alvarenga reached Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands, many gathered with many questions. The man swam ashore after being adrift in his broken down boat for 14 months. Originally reported as 16 months, but still no less amazing, his feat of survival is a testament to the endurance of the human spirit.

Fairly feeble and with very limited memory of the epic journey, Jose told MailOnline:

“I’m alive – I’m alive and I can’t believe it. I cannot remember much about my journey. It has all gone into one thought – the sea, the sea.”

Officials were surprised at the plumpness of the survivor, but doctors say that this could be attributed to swelling from the severe exposure to the elements and the lack of proper nutrition and hydration.

Details are still difficult due to the lack of memory, but some threads seem constant. He and and a young man, 15 to 18 years old, broke down while travelling from Mexico to El Salvador. The young man died after four weeks. Jose was sad over the loss and did not give many details.

Jose survived by grabbing birds, turtles and fish. He told MailOnline,

“I thank God and I thank the birds I caught to eat. I caught fish and at times I drank my own urine to have liquid. ‘Every day was the same, just the sea, the sea. I saw nothing more. The sea and my boat. I had no idea of time, but I know that it was December 21, 2012, when we left. The days at sea and the nights…they were all one after a while.”

He thought often of his wife and daughter and prayed that God would bring him back to them. He cannot remember is hometown or phone number, and officials are trying to piece together the puzzle in order to let the family know of his survival.

His boat hit the reef on the remote atoll in the southern end of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific, and then he found the strength to swim to the beach where he collapsed under the coconut trees. Two women found him and ended up taking him back to their village.

For now the story continues to unravel, but for Jose, he just thanks God to be alive!

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