Tuna Crudo with Pomegranate and Blood Orange

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As key species of gamefish in Southern California, Bluefin Tuna is at the top of our list especially around the Fall Holiday timing.  We often get Bluefin well into November and some years even into December, allowing many of us to pull a bait and switch on turkey for tuna.  It just so happens that tuna plays beautifully into a Holiday menu and with a little fine tuning you’ll be admiring the taste as well as the adornment of this Holiday dish. 

 Tuna Crudo with Pomegranate and Blood Orange as explained by Tanner Saraspe

Freshly-caught raw tuna with a simple dressing, toasted pistachios, and minced chives makes for the perfect holiday appetizer. This easy dish feels super fancy and comes together in minutes once you have everything prepped. We’ve developed this recipe based on 8 ounces of tuna, but you can easily double it for a crowd. Popping the fish in the freezer 20 minutes before cutting makes for easier slicing.



Ready in 25 minutes makes 4 servings as an appetizer.

• 8 ounces freshly caught bluefin tuna

• 2 blood oranges

• ¼ ripe pomegranate

• 4 tablespoons high-quality extra virgin olive oil, divided

• 2 tablespoons shelled and toasted pistachios, coarsely chopped

• 1 tablespoon chopped chives

• Flaky salt such as Maldon for finishing

STEP 1 Set the tuna in the freezer along with the serving plate to chill. Zest one of the oranges into a large bowl using a microplane. Segment both oranges into the same bowl, letting the excess juice fall in as well. To segment (or “supreme”) the oranges, use a paring knife to slice the top and bottom off each orange, slice the peel and pith off in segments (or in one large piece if you’re fancy). Hold the peeled orange over the bowl with one hand and use your knife to cut between the membranes and release the fruit segments into the bowl along with the juice.

STEP 2 Use your fingers to work the pomegranate seeds into the bowl, fishing out any pomegranate pith that may come out in the process. Add two tablespoons of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. Use a fork to gently combine the mixture.

STEP 3 Remove the tuna and the plate from the freezer. Working quickly, use a sharp knife to slice the tuna into thin pieces and arrange on the plate. Use a large spoon to dress the fish with the fruit and oil mixture. Drizzle the dressed tuna with remaining two tablespoons of olive oil. Top with chopped pistachios, chives, and a generous sprinkle of Maldon salt to finish. Serve immediately.


A special thank you to Tanner Saraspe and Nicole Litvack from Saraspe Seafoods for sharing their wealth of knowledge and recipes. To learn more about our local San Diego Fishery and Products visit: