With the summer upon us and the fishing season in full swing what better time than now for us to compile a list of “must have” items to keep you dialed on the water. The following products are BD tested and approved. Take a glance and set yourself up for success! 

Cheers! – The BD team


ZOLEO is the affordable accessory that extends your smartphone messaging coverage to everywhere on Earth and provides a safety system you can count on.

No other present tells that special angler in your life you care about them like a ZOLEO.  Check in with your family, build a community and share information from anywhere on the water, get access to rescue and emergency services at any time.


  • Free app to smartphone connectivity
  • SOS alerting button
  • Dedicated ZOLEO SMS number and email and more
  • Price: ZOLEO: $199.00/ Service: $20.00 – 50.00 

sionyx/ nightwave d1

Nightwave is an ultra low-light camera built around SIONYX’s patented Black Silicon CMOS sensor. It allows mariners of all levels to easily spot obstacles and debris in moonless starlight without white light or expensive thermal cameras – navigating safely, avoiding collisions, and maximizing time on the water. With easy mounting and setup, Nightwave directly connects to your electronics via analog output, displaying clear color digital night vision. This is a must have for boaters who plan on traveling at night or in low-vis conditions. 


  • CONNECTED: Convenient installation flexibility and seamless integration with major brand MFDs via the analog video output.
  • RUGGED: IP67 rated, submersible to 3 ft for 30 minutes. You can safely use Nightwave in inclement weather conditions. 
  •  CAPABLE:  <1 MLX MOONLESS STARLIGHT sensitivity allows you to see well beyond human eyesight. 
  •  AWARE: 44º field of view increases situational awareness to spot unexpected obstacles, debris, markers, vessels, and more.
  • Price: $1,595.00

    Danco/ 4 piece pro series grill kit

    This is the ultimate gift for someone who loves to grill and fish! Danco makes amazing products offered at affordable prices. We feel this grill kit is a great buy for anyone planning to be on BBQ duty this summer. The design of the spatula, knife, and tongs bring a performance fishing feel to cooking.


    • 7in Flex Knife – Full tang, 4116 German Stainless-Steel blade for a razor sharp and long-lasting edge. Coated with Dupont Teflon for easy cleaning and corrosion resistance
    • Grilling Spatula – Ergonomic and textured dual molded grip for comfort and slip resistance with a sturdy stainless steel spatula
    • Grilling Tongs – Comfortable rubber grips aid in the use of these stainless steel tongs
    • Apron – Universal sized danco grill apron with two front pockets
    • Price: $39.99

      YETI/ m20 backpack soft cooler

      The Hopper® M20 Soft Cooler allows you to put the day on your back- literally. This hands-free cooler comfortably straps on like a backpack to keep you mobile, while a strip of ultra-strong magnets keeps the cold locked in. The new MagShield Access opens wide so you can easily load in beet, ice, or your favorite sandwiches. Attach accessories to keep useful gear at your fingertips. The Hopper M20 is the cooler that goes where other coolers can’t. 


      • Outside: 18.5″W x 9.5″D x 18.8″H
      • Empty Weight” 4.8 lbs.
      • Ergonomic fit: Part backpack, part cooler
      • Innovative Closure: Magshield Access uses powerful magnets to creat an ultra leak-resistant shield that stays open when you need it and seals closed with a gentle push.
      • Price: $325.00

      opsin/ flourocarbon

      Opsin is one of the highest performing fluorocarbon leader lines on the market and sets the standard for quality and performance in angling.  recommends adding this flouro to your tackle list this summer. 


      • Opsin 100% fluorocarbon lines are created in Japan using an advanced method known as slow extrusion. Creating a line with exceptionally low visibility and amazing tensile strength, while offering one of the smallest diameters on the market.
      • Deadly combination of cloud free low visibility, small diameter, knot strength, and tensile strength
      • Every inch of Opsin fluorocarbon leader line is meticulously inspected, hand spooled, packed, and shipped in the United States. 
      • Price: $18.99 – $35.99

      daiwa/ saltiga 60 2-speed

      Daiwa’s completely redesigned Saltiga LD series features the smoothest, most powerful and dependable lever-drag reels available today. The 2-speed Saltiga 60 is a must have reel for the angler targeting Bluefin tuna. With more drag than you will ever need and ample line capacity, this reel can be used for just about everything from knife jigging to flying the kite. An extremely rugged and smooth reel, the Saltiga 60 is an absolute fish killer, and one that will stand the test of time.


      • One-piece machined aluminum frame and side plate to assure precise alignment of bearings and gears for amazingly smooth performance, less flex, more power and reduced binding 
      • Oversized, super-hard, polished and meshed stainless steel main and pinion gears fit together perfectly to drive the kicking gear with extra strength and nearly silent precision 
      • Max Drag: 45lb 
      • Braid Capacity: 80/660, 100/550
      • Price: $699.99

      spy/ happy boost Helm Tech

      These glasses are absolutely incredible. HAPPY BOOST™ was designed using a proprietary formula developed by artificial intelligence that tested over 10 million unique lens combinations, which lead to one incredible lens that offers 30% color enhancement beyond the naked eye. This means ALL colors are enhanced, without sacrificing any others. The lenses themselves make locating breezers of fish, birds, kelps, and shining fish so much easier. They are truly some of the best sunglasses we have ever worn on the water.


      • Equipped with easily removable side shields that stay secured to the frame even when folded
      • Hidden sweat channels in both the nose pads and inner temples keep you cool when the heat is on
      • SPY+’s revolutionary therapeutic Happy™ lens tech is scientifically tuned to boost mood and alertness while enhancing color and contrast, providing a truly life-changing visual experience
      • ARC® (Accurate Radius Curvature) polycarbonate lenses are tapered to follow the natural curvature of the eye, providing crystal-clear distortion-free vision while reducing eyestrain
      • Constructed from Grilamid®, a lightweight frame material ideal for everyday wear due to its strength and flexibility
      • Our favorite frames – Helm Tech (pictured), Rebar
      • Price: $150.00

      grundens/ weather watch bib

      These rugged water resistant bibs are tough, yet comfortable and practical for everyday fishing use. Tailored from an exterior DWR treated nylon fabric with a waterproof breathable PU laminate which is contaminate proof in everyday fishing environments, these bibs stand up to heavy rain and spray. Grundens has been at the forefront of water resistant boating and fishing garments for a long time and we feel the weather watch bib continues that legacy at an affordable price.


      • 100% Nylon DWR treated Face Fabric
      • 10K/5K Waterproof Breathable PU, contaminate resistant Film Laminate
      • Fully Taped & Sealed Seams
      • Grundens suspender system
      • Zippered thigh pocket
      • Price: $89.00-$94.00

        yo-zuri/ Bull Pop Floating

        Is there anything more satisfying than casting large poppers into foaming tuna? 

        We will answer for you: “No…no there is not.”

        The Yo-Zuri Bull Pop has the weight and rugged design to make long casts into big fish an act of confidence. The large scooped creates a ruckus on the water and results in a lot of big blow ups. Get yourself one!


        • Proprietary “Power Body”
        • Stainless Steel Wire-Thru Construction
        • 3X Strong Treble Hooks, 3X Strong Split Rings
        • Extra Large Eyes
        • Color Change Technology
        • Price: $19.99 – $29.99

        rapala/ x-rap long cast

        The X-Rap Long Cast has an incredible side to side motion that just downright gets bit. Fished with a fast, steady retrieve results in a strong rolling and wobbling action with minimal resistance. Twitching this lure creates incredible action. When stopped, it flutters on the drop giving an angler scores of presentation options. 


        • X Style Translucent Body
        • 3D Holographic Eyes
        • Sinking Flutters On Fall
        • Long Casting Dives 4′ – 5′
        • Inshore Gamefish Species
        • VMC Tin Finish 4X Inline Single Hooks
        • Price: $15.09 – $18.49

        Calcutta/ squall 3700 tackle bag & bait binder

        All tackle bags are not the same! We love the Calcutta Squall for its quality materials, storage space, and inclusion of a bait binder. It is easy to keep your gear organized with this bag. Instead of carrying two bags with you, now you can combine all of your tackle needs into one. 


        • Four 3700-size trays 
        • Tackle binder loaded with pages for all of your tackle
        • Water resistant fabric
        • Dimensions: 21″x12″x11″
        • Price: $134.99


          stealth offshore/ Carbon fiber gaff

          Stealth Offshore makes a killer carbon fiber gaff with an oversized hook that keeps big fish pinned to the boat. We have a lot of confidence putting fish on the deck with these gaffs onboard.


          • Lightweight and durable carbon fiber / fiberglass blend
          • 316 Stainless Steel hook is corrosion resistant and extremely strong
          • Developed to be 70% stiffer than bamboo gaffs
          • Rubber grip on the lowest section for extra grip to get fish over the rail
          • Both Sizes Float in calm seas
          • 6FT rated to 75lbs |  8ft rated to 125lbs
          • Price: $149.99

            Dark SEas/ Tees

            We love Dark Seas. Bringing a surf vibe to fishing apparel they have done a great job at stylizing a line of clothing that seems to encapsulate SoCal ocean lifestyle. With something for everyone, they are a brand the BD team is stoked to wear.


            • Pictured (Sunset Wicking T- Shirt)
            • Standard Fit: Relaxed.
            • Moisture wicking material.
            • Chest and back print.
            • 100% Poly
            • Price: $35.00

              garmin/ gpsmap 943xsv

              Garmin’s touch-screen GPSMAP series is incredibly user friendly, clear to read, and exceptionally accurate. With a variety of sizes to choose from and a number of features that make boating and fishing that much easier, we recommend the GPSMAPs as an initial investment on your personal vessel.


              • 9″ screen
              • Easily integrate with more engines.
              • Easily build your marine system using the best of network connectivity.
              • Connect to compatible third-party devices with OneHelm digital switching.
              • Navigate any waters with preloaded mapping and coastal charts.
              • See below your boat with built-in sonar capabilities.
              • Manage your marine experience from nearly anywhere
              • Price: $1,499.99

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