Every human possesses an innate desire for adventure. For outdoorsmen and women, this visceral craving can only be satisfied by exploring beyond our comfort zones and pushing boundaries that we may be wary of. It is simple to undertake a journey that we have previously done or explore nearby places without ever leaving our safe space, but this only allows us to experience so much. Every so often, we must challenge ourselves to be faced with adversity, stretch our limits, and chase this instinctive desire that exists subconsciously within all of us. Often, this vulnerability to the unknown leads us to the most serene moments – something that we experienced in our travels to explore the surfing and fishing opportunities in remote British Columbia. This is the story of our Escape North.


Raph Bruhwiler is a member of the Canadian Coast Guard, guide, and professional surfer. He is the owner of Ground Swell Adventures, which served as our basecamp for this off-the-grid adventure. A pioneer of Canadian surfing, Raph epitomizes the true outdoorsman. He hunts and fishes to put food on the table, and explores miles of remote coastline by boat in attempt to discover untouched surf breaks and novelty waves. There is no place in the world where Raph and his family feel more comfortable than where the mountains meet the sea in the British Columbia wilderness.


Owner and operator of Charter Tofino, Kelly served as our fishing guide on this trip and quickly established himself as a pivotal member of the crew. Raised on Vancouver Island and having lived life on the water from a young age, his knowledge of the local fishery and skillset as a captain and guide were apparent from the moment we stepped foot on his boat. We owe our success on the water to Kelly, and could not have asked for a more welcoming and adept guide.


The wise and learned coordinator of this trip, Mike Murciano has been traveling for much of his life, albeit normally to warm and tropical destinations such as Central America and Fiji. A San Diego local, he is always keen on the next fishing or surfing trip and is excited to pass along his passions to the next generation. Heading to a chilly, off-the-grid destination might not normally be on Mike’s radar, but needless to say, this trip exceeded all expectations he may have come into it with.


Adam Warren is a seasoned waterman through and through. Based out of San Diego but having traveled across the globe on surf trips, he is a veteran at his trade. He possesses a remarkable ability to adapt to the situation at hand, and his “roll with the flow” attitude was exactly what our crew needed as we had to call audibles due to rapidly changing weather and water conditions throughout this trip. Although not a hardcore fisherman, his willingness to take instruction resulted in the catch of a lifetime.


A Southern California local, Ricky Fischel has seen his fair share of fishing trips to exotic places, but he is certainly less traveled than his counterparts on this trip. Embodying the “next generation,” he attempted to come into this adventure with an open mind and limited expectations. Traveling to a foreign-to-him land, Ricky was beyond excited to experience a new fishery. For someone who describes fishing as a passion turned obsession, the bounty from the waters of the North Pacific could only be described as paradise.

Armed with a passion for adventure and a couple of fishing rods and surfboards, this crew set out to explore the wonders of the Pacific Northwest. Its breathtaking mountainous backdrops and abundant wildlife were awe inspiring. From grilling freshly caught salmon and lingcod on a campfire below a waterfall, to taking a plunge into the frigid waters of the North Pacific alongside orcas, we were able to seize each and every opportunity presented to us, ticking items off our bucket lists every single day. 

Our time spent here cannot be expressed through words on a page. The sensation of immersing yourself in travel and breaking free from the worries and problems of the outside world is priceless. Escape North is far from just a fishing or surfing film. It is an amalgamation of experiences, emotions, and camaraderie; a true journey into the unknown.


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