Between the crashing waves and swell line lives a secret world not easily accessed.
What lies beneath in the shadows of surge is a fisherman’s dream and we hold the keys.


Fishing the coast and surf in Southern Baja is no secret, countless books, stories, records and lies have been based around this great fishery.

In fact, it’s still there today, still good, still uncrowded and still plentiful. Mother Nature’s found a way of keeping it out of reach by placing it just beyond the surf. The reality is that as a fishery it’s not very accessible. From the beach it sits just outside of the shore-break and swell line, making it hard to cast from shore. From a boat, (if you can get a boat there) the fishery sits in close, right in the swell line, making for a heart-pounding fishing expedition.

To further the equation of difficulty, access is almost nonexistent. There are few locations to launch a boat in the area aside from Cabo San Lucas or Magdalena Bay, which equates to hundreds of miles with little or no fishing pressure. As the saying goes “where there’s a will there’s a way”. On a recent trip south we stopped in to pay Lucas Dirske a visit, he’s a born and raised Gringo, living the modest good life. What we experienced was his solution to this fishery via Hobie Kayak. Come along and experience this fishery beyond the Surf.


Born and raised in Southern Baja, Lucas Dirske is no stranger to shore break conditions in the surf. As he puts it “fishing can be world-class, but at times it’s just the slightest bit out of reach”.

Having a Hobie Kayak down in Baja has been a game changer according to Lucas. He’s been able to explore areas and parts of the surf that previously were just out of bounds.

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