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Off To A Rocky Start – Weather Stumbles SoCal Fishing

I should’ve been on my way to Oxnard last night.  I was home instead.  I was really looking forward to getting out and fishing for lingcod.  I gave a seminar last week at the SoCal Sportfishing Club meeting.  The discussion was all about targeting lings, and I got myself all fired up to go fish for them.  I was going to go on the Pacific Islander’s first shallow water ling trip of the year, but unfortunately the trip was cancelled due to weather.

Oh well…

At least I’ve got my day trip on Saturday to Catalina with my buddy, Capt. Bob Beyer on First Dawn Charters.  I’ve been hearing there is a lot of squid out there and a good signal of yellowtail.  I’ve even heard…dare I say it…white seabass is in play.  Not this weekend, that trip got cancelled too.

If I would’ve been smart, I would’ve gotten out yesterday like the young man (above).  He was on the Pacific Islander at Santa Rosa Island.

The boats will be back at it next week.

Back To The Beach

I guess I’ll go back to my shore halibut mission.  I got another fish last Sunday.  I was out with my buddy Randy Toji.  We were both targeting halibut, yet he somehow managed to catch this slab perch on a swimbait.

Interesting side note…we saw some corbina!  Summer-like beach fishing may come early this year.  The corb sightings sparked a great conversation where I gleaned some new knowledge from Randy.  Can’t wait to employ it and maybe knock off a bean early this year.

Speaking Of Halibut

The fishing highlight of the week was the close of Dolphin Sportfishing’s Halibut Derby on Wednesday.  Lucky angler, Mike Lagrisola, caught 2 fish off 3 consecutive baits!  That’s Mike between Capt. Kody Kessell and crewmember Corey Gambill.

The 2 fish went 23 and 43.5-pounds.  The larger fish was good enough to take the derby and win Mike the $3000 jackpot!  Congrats to Mike.

Fred Hall – Long Beach

While you’re home this weekend, you may want to start planning your trip to the show.  I’ve been taking stock and keeping my finger off that bid button on eBay in anticipation of going.  In addition to being the fishing shopping spree of the year, it’s also a place to learn how to get better at catching.  The seminar schedule is out, so take a look and see where you can get that knowledge.

That’s it for now.  A lot to look forward to this season in SoCal; it’s just going to start a little later.

Good luck if you get out there.

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