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Sportboat Fishing Reports

Sportboat Fishing Reports

Summer fishing is in full swing. The top gamefish caught in Southern California – yellowtail, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, white seabass, halibut are all in play. Which fish is on your wish list right now, the sportboat fishing reports will guide where you want to go fishing.

For yellowtail, ground zero has been the 150 spot in the channel between Long Beach and Catalina.

For most of June, it has produced big numbers of yellowtail for sportboats converging from Marina del Rey to Newport. Over the weekend though, the fish appear to have finally succumbed to all the boat pressure as the sportboat fishing reports counts dropped. The area still offers a good opportunity. You never know…if the boat pressure eases, the fish could be right back.

The good news is that the old reliable Coronado Islands are back! The San Diego, fishing ¾ day out of Seaforth, logged consecutive days of 96, 114, and 137 yellows (Saturday through Monday)! If you plan to head down there and get in on it, you MUST have a U.S. passport to even board the boats.

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On the tuna front, after the initial euphoria of Memorial Day weekend and the week after, things have tempered with the sportboat fishing reports. The captains are finding the fish, but getting them to go is another story. The Eclipse and the Tribute out of Seaforth Landing fished a 2 day midweek trip and had success during their “Tuna Wars” competition benefitting Friends of Rollo. The competition pitted Capts. Dave Marciano and Paul Hebert of the NatGeo show Wicked Tuna fishing aboard the Eclipse and Tribute respectively. Anglers paid $1000 each to swap fish tales with the famous tv captains and the fishing was pretty good too. The Eclipse scored 24 bluefin, 15 yellowfin, and 1 yellowtail for the trip. The Tribute posted 18 bluefin, 32 yellowfin, 89 yellowtail 2 bonito, and won the challenge.

Overnight or longer in U.S. water seems to be the best bet right now.

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For white seabass and halibut, it’s building up north in the Channel Islands. Squid has finally appeared and now is the time to go. You’re going to want to look up the trip schedules or view the sportboat fishing reports for Channel Islands Sportfishing and Ventura Sportfishing, pick a date and just go. If you wait too long, you may not get out. There’s supposed to be some stiff wind (small craft advisory) in the hot zone midweek this week. Hopefully things will settle out by the weekend.

I’m headed out next Saturday night on the Pacific Islander and will be able to give you all a firsthand report. Closer to home, squid is popping up at Catalina, so the overnight boats fishing Cat and Clemente could be a good alternative if you don’t want to venture north.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep an eye on things and let you know your best bets for the weekend on Friday and pay attention to the sportboat fishing reports over the weekend.

Tight lines!

Photo Credit: Capt. John Corzel, Eclipse, Ricardo Holden

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