Fishing Line

Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid Fishing Line

spiderwire invisi-braidSpiderwire Invisi-Braid Fishing Line

The best of SpiderWire performance will be found in Ultracast® Invisi-Braid because it is part of the highest quality, best performing series in the SpiderWire brand; the Ultracast family. Only the latest technology and most advanced nylons, fluoropolymers and High Molecular Weight PE fibers qualify for an Ultracast fishing line. Ultimate fishing line, for ultimate performance!

Ultracast Invisi-Braid

  • Ultra smooth 8 carrier braid
  • New Filler Package! New Smaller, Clear Spool! Less Weight! Less Waste!
  • Innovative cold-fusion process
  • Translucency for near invisibility
  • Extremely high strength-per- diameter
  • Amazingly thin and sensitive
  • High pick count for roundness and durability

spiderwire invisi-braidBD’s Capt. Scott Goodwin said, “I’ve been searching for the solution to casting ultra-light, soft plastic minnow imitations in an attempt to fool the finicky juvenile tarpon that inhabit the mangrove creeks around my area. Spiderwire‘s Ultracast Invisibraid Fishing Line looks like it is going to fit the bill.  The supple texture and small size for its strength are going to be the perfect combo for fishing tiny lures amongst the mangroves where big fish can also pounce your bait and then you need something strong to keep them out of the roots. ”

Stay tuned as I fish it more.