South Atlantic Red Snapper Season Announced

It has been a long frustrating road for most anglers on the east coast when it comes to red snapper. We can hardly fish for other species because the big red snapper swarm our baits first, but we have been under an emergency closure now for years because “they” say the snapper are depleted.

I’m sure the mass snapper derby this creates will once again be interesting to watch, and we should be excited because this in the most “generous” season yet with three weekends to fish.

Anglers will be allowed to keep one red snapper per person with no size limit for the dates listed below. In the event of severe weather, such as a hurricane or tropical system, NOAA Fisheries has the option to change the dates.

There will also be a commercial season opening on July 14th and permitted boats can catch 75 pounds gutted per trip until the annual catch limit is projected to be met.

Even the information for the 2014 season is buried under layers of website and is only in the “frequently asked questions” of the sustainable fisheries section.

We will all enjoy the chance at a fresh snapper dinner this July, but lets not forget to continue the fight to bring some common sense and science back into fisheries management.

Stay active and support organizations that are fighting the legal battles on your behalf.

Now go gem em!