Soldering Rings For Lure Hook Replacement

Here is a great how to video on soldering rings and replacing hooks on the popular iron lures used my so many West Coast anglers.  This video was created and shared by Fishdoggary on Bloodydecks and was happy to share with all of our audience.

He has a simple to follow demo video on removing old rings and hooks and replacing them by soldering new ones on using silver solder and flux.  With the proper torch, tools and the right solder, the process is pretty quick and simple.  He also demonstrates how to quench the rings after soldering to temper the metal and cool the hardware for handling.  He does the quenching in a cup of tap water, but mentions you can use canola oil; its just messy.  The ring kit makes it simple and has everything you need short of the torch.

One’s success as an angler often hinges on your ability to be prepared and have your gear and tackle in it’s peak condition.  Changing out bent or rusted hooks with stronger sharp ones can dramatically increase an angler’s success rate on hooking up and staying hooked.  Make sure that the hardware you have on your lures matches the pressure of the outfits you will be throwing it on and the conditions.  These little things are actually big in the scheme of things.

soldering ringsFishDog lays out the particulars of what and how he is soldering rings on lures.

soldering ringsHe is using a Ring Kit from and it contains everything you need except the torch to swap out and solder rings on lures.

  • Includes Over 300 Rings (13 different sizes in bags of 24)
    • Black Flux
    • Flux Brush
    • 56% Silver Solder
    • Double Ended Alligator Clips (holds your jig up while welding)
    • Plastic Storage Box


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