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Soft Steel USA Line & Leader Offers New Products

Long range anglers have been familiar with Soft Steel’s fluorocarbon and monofilament lines and now Soft Steel is offering an expanded list of great fishing products.

soft steel

The latest news in fluoro leaders is the new Soft Steel Fluoro-Stretch. Fluoro-Stretch is a unique stretchable fluorocarbon leader that provides anglers with a 30% improved breaking strength for knots over standard fluorocarbon.  This little bit of stretch will help anglers stay hooked up and improve the shock resistance of this barely visible material.  Of course, they still have the tried and true Soft Steel Invisible Fluorocarbon offering abrasion resistance and a faster sink rate.

Soft Steel offers two premium monofilament lines as well.

soft steel

Ultra Premium Monofilament is just right for offshore and long range anglers as it starts at 30# and carries it through to 400#.  Soft Steel ULTRA uses a multi polymer formulation and is manufactured on an advanced, ultramodern extruding machine creating a fishing line of a consistent diameter that is stronger per diameter than any other monofilament on the market. Soft Steel ULTRA features incredible knot strength and toughness as well as very low memory.


soft steel

Soft Steel Super HT Monofilament is perfect for inshore fishing and trout fishing.  This supple line is very user-friendly, yet offers superior break strength and toughness with outstanding knot strength and fishability.

Soft Steel Braid Family

Now, joining the Soft Steel line up are four new braided line options for anglers of all walks: Eminent, Transend, Covert and Cyclone.

“We have introduced four new families of braided line,” states Mike Bennett, Product Development Manager.  “Our goal is to introduce the highest quality and most affordable line out there meeting each angler’s needs.”

soft steel

SoCal’s inshore anglers will get excited to try out the Covert braided lines which come in a Camo color and are the perfect blend for fishing cover, kelp and weed lines.

Covert is an 8-carrier line that is very abrasion resistant and available in 50, 65, 80 and 100 pound breaking strengths.  This line has a dyed camo pattern giving your more stealth on the water avoiding spooking fish.  Available in 150, 300 and 1,500-yard spools and priced at $21.99 to $189.99.

Soft Steel Covert Camo

  • 8 Carrier Construction
  • Advanced Slick Coat Technology
  • Longer Lasting Durability
  • Increased Abrasion Resistance

soft steel

Offshore and long range anglers are going to love spooling up with the new 16X Cyclone Hollow braid.  “The Cyclone Hollow Braid is going to be that super strong and supple line loved by the long range guy,” says Dave Brown of Okuma.  “The 16 carrier braid is very supple and strong and perfect for splicing knotless connections.”

16X Cyclone Hollow Braid

  • 16 Carrier Construction
  • Hollow braid for knot-less connections
  • Extremely strong and supple

Check out the Soft Steel website for more info on these and other great new products or ENTER HERE for the Soft Steel Giveaway going on right now!