SoCal Weekend Outlook October 9

Weekend Outlook

weekend outlook

Confession time again…I chased a count yesterday. I was sitting at work Wednesday afternoon and was so excited to see one of my favorite boats/crews, Enterprise Sportfishing out of Long Beach Marina, score not one, but TWO wahoo (above). Let’s think about that for a moment. Here you have a fish that typically one must travel 8-10 days on a long range sportboat this time of year to catch. Cost for such a trip would be maybe $2500 to as much as $4000 to have that kind of opportunity. And here you have a local boat you can ride for $60 and 2 lucky anglers got their El Nino dreams answered. Pretty crazy stuff.

Anyway, it was too much for me to bear. I called in sick and scheduled an appointment to HOPEFULLY see Dr. Hoo, but it didn’t work out. Lightning did not strike thrice. Oh well, that’s fishing.

I usually ride this boat as a guest of Capt. Andy Siratt. My expectation was that the boat would be packed. I figured it was worth battling a crowd though to have the opportunity. Surprisingly, I needed to buy a ticket in order to have enough paid fares to just get the boat off the dock.

I’m noticing that some of the boats are going to weekend only schedules because they are having trouble finding enough passengers for weekday trips. These developments all point to great opportunities for my fellow weekend warriors to get into some nice, much more limited load kind of fishing for the immediate future.

If you’ve been waiting for the crowds to thin, but still want to enjoy good offshore fishing, do not hesitate to pull the trigger now.

Local 805 Tuna

weekend outlook

In other news, one of the “day boats” (5am to 4pm), out of Channel Islands Sportfishing, the Aloha Spirit, scored the first local tuna yesterday off the Oxnard/Ventura coastline. They’ve been seeing them for awhile now, but it was only the overnight boats catching them further offshore. This bite is another great opportunity for northern anglers lacking the time or funds to head down to San Diego to get their pelagic fix.

Hoop It Up

hoop netting

Lobster season started last week. Because of the other fishing going on, not a lot of boats have hoop trips online, but I expect to see more in the coming weeks. Right now, the Gail Force, out of L.A. Waterfront is the only one with trips scheduled, but I expect to see more in the coming weeks. It’d be good to lineup some special vittles for your holiday table.

Still a lot going on. See you at the rail.

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