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Shucking Oysters Demonstration In The Fly Zone

Fly Navarro is back with Grant from Cod & Capers Seafood to learn some tricks of the trade for shucking oysters.  Pick up some great tips to make shucking oysters easier and safer.

shucking oystersMany people love to eat oysters, but often don’t know how to shuck them.

 Tips For Shucking Oysters

  • Can chill in freezer to relax oyster
  • cover hand with rag or glove
  • use a good oyster knife
  • find the flat side or “top” of the oyster
  • dig knife into the hinge and slowly work the blade in
  • release the abductor muscle to open shell
  • slurp!

Fly Zone

Fly Navarro will take us to the “Fly Zone” with his vast knowledge and list of fishing connections.  Visit his Fly Zone Fishing site or Facebook to learn more or to ask Fly a question.

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