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Shimano’s New Torium HG Reels

Shimanos New Torium

Shimano has announced the upcoming release of their modified Torium reel series, the Torium HG.

Shimano prides itself in its ability to tweak and improve upon previous models of their most popular reels. They keep the good features, tweak any unforeseen issues and take to heart the input from their pro staff and customers alike. They also include the latest technology in the quickly evolving tackle industry.

The new Torium HG series includes improvements in the frame by combining the palm-side and the frame into one piece. They also reduced the overall size of the reel, without reducing the spool size. So it feels better in your hand without loosing any of the prior capacity.

In the constant battle against the salty elements, Shimano added an E. I. surface treatment, which is applied between the anodizing process and a highly resistant paint. The E.I. coating fairs any microscopic imperfections in the metal where corrosion might start. During testing, the new coating process performed 500 to 700 percent better than previous versions, including the area around the reel foot.

Shimanos New Torium

A new drag assembly and material consisting of Cross Carbon stays smooth and steady, even at todays elevated drag pressures.

Now you can fight big fish with plenty of heat on the drag with confidence that it will stay smooth till the end.

New sealed roller clutch bearings will prevent the most common water penetration from rough days, while the use of Shimano’s S-ARB bearings will improve durability.

The newest Torium HG will sport the Super Free system that adds a bearing to the pinion gear, reducing friction and increasing casting performance. The ergonomics of the star drag have been improved to a more prominent knob that makes it easier to fine tune during the battle.


  • 6.2:1/46 inches per crank
  • 24 pounds max drag
  • Available in 16, 20 and 30 sizes

TOR16HGA Mono 16/450, 20/320, 25/260 Power Pro 50/530, 65/330, 80/250 18.9oz $229.99
TOR20HGA Mono 20/420, 25/340, 30/280 Power Pro 50/710, 65/375, 80/310 19.2oz $239.99
TOR30HGA Mono 25/420, 30/350, 40/260 Power Pro 50/1015, 65/515, 80/415 19.8oz$249.99

All in all, the newest Torium HG is going to be a lot of reel for the money and it will begin shipping in March of 2015 for a very affordable price.

You can check out the newest offering from Shimano, the Torium HG , at the upcoming Fred Hall Show in March, so don’t miss out.