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Shimano Twin Power SW Spinning Reel

twin Power SWThe Shimano Twin Power SW saltwater spinners were built to be a rock-solid addition to any saltwater angler’s fishing arsenal.  The Twin Power SW models all feature Shimano’s HAGANE reel design concept, which creates a rigid, powerful platform that is built to tackle big fish and saltwater time after time.

Shimano is focused on creating reels that offer power, durability and reliability when it counts.

The Twin Power series consists of five models varying is size and gear ratios.  The X-Tough Drag offers maximum drag pressures from 37 to 53-pounds depending on the model.  Shimano’s SW technology was created for the premium Stella spinning reel series, but now shares these saltwater resistant advancements with the Twin Power Series as well.

twin Power SWTwin Power SW Spinning Reel Features

  • 11 +1 Bearings
  • Pinion Gear: Super Hard Brass
  • Stainless Steel Bail
  • HAGANE Gear provides durability and strength with a cold forged drive gear
  • X-Ship uses a double bearing supported pinion gear. This improves durability, increases gear efficiency and power with a smooth retrieve
  • Hagane Body is a metal body with high rigidity. This eliminates flex and transmits the angler’s strength to cranking power
  • X-Shield & X-Protect seals important parts of the reel to prevent water damage
  • X Tough Drag enhances smoothness, control and toughness. Perfect for bluefin tuna and all other gamefish.
  • X Aero Wrap II is a two-speed oscillation system that layers the line onto the spool in a crisscross pattern. This reduces line-to-line friction to give you a smoother and longer cast.
  • FLUIDRIVE II technology features a large polished master gear that increases the efficiency of the retrieve
  • The Propulsion Line Management System is a new spool lip design that provides longer casting distances while preventing backlashes and wind knots from forming.
  • Super Stopper II anti-reverse eliminates back-play with a one-way roller bearing, giving the angler instant hook setting power.
  • The power aluminum body, X-Rigid Rotor and X-Rigid Handle provide the ultimate rigidity, eliminating loss of power caused by reel flex.

twin Power SWJamie Thinnes runs Seasons Sportfishing in San Diego and he and his customers are impressed with the smooth power the Twin Power SW offers. “The Twin Power SW reels make it easy to cast light jigs and baits but still provide plenty of strength and stopping power to keep big yellowtail out of the rocks. These reels provide consistent performance even under the heavy use of a busy charter season.”

The Twin Power SW is the perfect match for many West Coast fisheries.

Visit the Shimano website for details or find a dealer near you.

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