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Shimano Torium – New Left Hand Models

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Shimano Torium LH

Shimano continues its tradition of listening to its customers and bringing new products to market to fill an angler’s needs.

As proof of this dedication to customer satisfaction, Shimano has added new left-handed versions of its already popular Torium reels.  The left-hand version is available now in their three most popular sizes; the 16HG, 20HG, and 30HG.  Of course they still offer a Torium 14 and 50 class reel in the original right hand version.

shimano torium

The Toruim has earned its popularity because it offers amazing value to anglers chasing large fish.

The Torium reels are a star drag reel with the benefit of High Efficiency Gearing (HEG).  Anglers benefit from the Torium’s 6.2:1 high speed gear ratio that can take up 46-inches of line per turn of the handle.  This benefit comes into play when trying to catch up to a high-speed gamefish or just clearing the lines for a fight.

Shimano is able to offer their bullet proof E.I.corrosion treatment due to the fact that they operate their own manufacturing.  This allows the special treatment process to totally protect the smaller “S Concept Body” design which translates to a lighter reel with plenty of power.  All Torium reels use a one-piece die-cast frame for strength and reduced flex.  A cold-fordged aluminum spool, Cross Carbon Drag washers and A-RB anti-rust bearings make the guts of these reels sturdy.

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For more information about Torium reels, visit Shimano’s website or visit your local tackle dealer.

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