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Giant Tuna on Shimano Talica 50

Shimano designed the Talica 50II reel primarily for West Coat anglers who battle cow tuna from long-range boats. The reel holds plenty of line (800 yards of 130-pound PowerPro Hollow Ace) and has enough drag to whip any tuna, but this battle-ready reel isn’t just a West Coast fad.

The Talica 50II keeps on proving that its got plenty of power for its size — the reel puts out a max of 60 pounds of drag while maintaining freespool and has a fast retrieve. With characteristics like that, it’s no surprise that anglers outside of California are finding that the Talica is an ideal choice when fishing for giant tuna.

While fishing with Tony’s Tuna Fishing off of Prince Edward Island in Canada, Sami Ghandour put his Talica 50II and Tallus rod to the ultimate test. Loaded up with 130-pound PowerPro Hollow Ace and a 200-pound mono top shot, Sami hit these famous fishing grounds that are known to be home to the largest bluefin on the planet. On September 25th, he found the fish he was looking for.

“I was fishing with the crew from Tony’s Tuna fishing and my buddy Tom Felice from Long Island, New York,” Sami says. “We were using the Shimano Talica 50II matched with Shimano Tallus TLT-STXH and I had no doubt that the rod and reel would perform flawlessly. We landed a total of five fish on that set up with no problem.”

The reel never let Sami down and he was so impressed that he decided to ship the reel back to Shimano so their experts could examine the reel.

“They told us that we had the drag as high as 60 pounds and there was no issue whatsoever,” Sami says.

Sami is no stranger to the fishing world. He operates Saltywater Tackle (www.saltywatertackle.com) in Brooklyn, New York, and he has fished all over the world. He’s caught all sorts of game fishing including giant trevally on spinning tackle, but he really loves to catch massive tuna, and few of his catches hold a candle to the 909-pounder he landed up in Canada.

“We hooked the 909-pound giant on the kite bait and the take was absolutely fabulous,” he says. “We were less then one mile offshore in 70 feet of water and by the time we landed the fish we got dragged almost three miles. The fish was hooked on the side of the mouth using a circle hook.”

He landed the fish on the Talica 50II in just 57 minutes.

“The captains in PEI along with many fisherman around the world were fascinated by the results,” he says. “We received inquiries from all over the world asking about our experience and input on the reel.”

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