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When battling big tuna on stand-up, line capacity and drag strength are your two main considerations. You want a reel that can hold enough line for those long runs, but wide-bodied reels can feel awkward and unbalanced when fighting fish. You won’t have that problem with Shimano’s new Talica TAC-50II, a two-speed reel that provides anglers with a compact, high-speed castable lever-drag reel that can hold enough line to battle just about anything that swims.

“There’s a certain breed of angler who choose to fight fish from the rail that will instantly see the potential for this reel — and will understand why we had to make the Talica 50II,” said Kenichi Iida, reel product specialist for Shimano American Corp.

Designed primarily for West Coat anglers who live to battle big, cow-sized tuna from the rail, the Talica 50II is compact for its capabilities, but has plenty of power — and free-spool — with a maximum drag of 60 pounds.

With full free-spool, anglers can also use the Talica 50II as a casting reel. “It’s an extremely capable casting reel,” Iida said, “due to features such as forged aluminum lightweight spool with support bearings. At Shimano, we completely understand long-range fishing — there’s nothing better than a field-test trip aboard one of the long-range boats like the Royal Polaris or Royal Star heading out of San Diego — and we had all that in mind in designing the Talica 50II.”

To fish the long-range scene, anglers need a durable reel, and the TAC-50II is built to last with a one-piece, forged and machined aluminum frame and a machined aluminum handle-side sideplate. Shimano treats the reel with its innovative E.I. Surface Treatment, a second layer of corrosion resistance that more than doubles the initial anodizing process.

Anglers will also find Shimano’s High Efficiency Gearing (HEG), an oversized cross carbon Dartanium II drag washer for ultra-high drag pressures, six shielded SA-RB bearings, an ergonomic power handle, silent triple-pawl anti-reverse, removable harness lugs and an aluminum rod clamp.

The Talica 50II has 3.8:1 high-speed and 1.7:1 low-gear ratios, pulling in 45 inches of line with each crank in high and 20 inches in low. It will hold 800 yards of 130-pound PowerPro Hollow Ace or 825 yards of 150-pound test standard PowerPro braid.

As with all Talica reels, the TAC-50II is backed by Shimano’s Platinum Premier Service Program. The reel retails for $1,199.99.

For more information, visit fish.shimano.com.


  • Compact, High Speed, Castable Lever Drag, with High Capacity
  • E.I. Surface Treatment for extreme corrosion protection
  • 2 year warranty with online registration
  • One-Piece Cold Forged and Machined Aluminum Frame with E.I.
  • Machined Aluminum Handle-Side Sideplate with E.I.
  • Cold Forged Machined Aluminum Spool with E.I.
  • Lightweight Spool with Greaseless Support Bearings for excellent live-bait castability
  • Topless Design
  • Oversized Carbon Drag Washers for Ultra-High Drag Pressures
  • Waterproof Drag (when engaged)
  • Silent Twin-Pawl Anti-Reverse
  • Ergonomic Power Handle
  • Ratcheting Drag Lever
  • Preset Knob with Click
  • Clicker
  • 2-Speed HEG (High Efficiency Gearing)
  • S A-RB (Shielded A-RB Ball Bearings)
  • Aluminum Rod Clamp
  • Approved for use in Saltwater
  • Rated for use with Mono, Fluorocarbon and Braid